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Feb 16

What’s Holding You Back – Clear Your Mind And Develop Your Mindset

Would you like to clear your mind and develop your mindset? Have you ever felt like something is holding you back from living to your full potential? In this video I reveal the power of your mind and how you can develop your mindset so you can achieve the life that you want!     […]

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Feb 16

Goal Setting – How To Achieve Your Goals

Would you like to know the number 1 reason why most people never achieve their goals? Stay tuned and as I share how you can achieve the goals and the life that you want!       In a previous post 3 Steps To Achieve Anything In Life  I talked about the lack of clarity and resistance […]

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Jan 30

You Get One Life – Live Your life With No Regrets

  Do you have any regrets? Stay tuned and discover why your regrets could be holding you back from achieving the life you want!     Do you have any regrets, you may well have a few! But you need to be aware that regrets are one of the most damaging and detrimental feelings we […]

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Jan 23

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Achieve Your Goals

3 Steps To Achieve Anything In Life Have you ever set yourself a goal, but still struggled, or even failed to achieve it? Watch the video below as I share with you 3 questions you must ask yourself to help you achieve any goal you want to achieve in life!   I often work with […]

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Jan 16

7 Ways To Increase Your Happiness

Discover 7 Ways To Increase Your Happiness. Would you like to increase more happiness into your life? If so, stay tuned as I share 7 simple ways to boost more happiness into your life!   Previously I’ve asked what makes you happy? And I’ve encouraged your to spend more time doing the things that make you […]

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Jan 9

The Best Self Improvement Books

What Are The Best Personal Development Books To Help Change Your Life? What are the best personal development books to read? This is a question I often get asked, from clients, readers of my blog and on social media. So, are you ready to discover the best Personal Development books that can help change your […]

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Jan 2

Achieve Your Best Year Yet

How To Achieve Your Best Year Ever! Would you like to make this year, your best year yet? Coming up I share how you can get ready to make the new year, your best year yet! Before you do, make sure you’ve checked out my previous video…   This will help you take a debrief […]

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Dec 27

Year Review – Your 2017 Highlights

2017 Lessons, learnings and reflections – 2017 Year Review As we reach the end of the year, stay tuned as I take you through 3 questions to help you review the highlights, as well as your lessons, learnings into the New Year, ready to enjoy your best year yet! Too often we focus too much […]

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Dec 19

How To Have A Stress Free Christmas

3 Tips to have a Stress Free Christmas  Would you like to enjoy a stress free Christmas, below are my 3 top tips to help you avoid Christmas Stress and enjoy a Stress free Christmas.   Christmas can be such a special and magical time of year, but it can also generate a lot of […]

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Dec 12

Ask Yourself Better Questions

How to ask yourself better questions to change and improve your life? Would you like to improve your self confidence, your focus and ultimately a better life? “Life is a reflection of the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.”     What questions do you ask yourself every day? The questions we ask ourselves […]

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Dec 5

What Are Affirmations?

How to use Affirmations effectively. So what are affirmations and how do you use them effectively, in this post and video I share with you the power of affirmations and how you can use them to change your life for the better.     So what are affirmations and how you can use them to […]

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Nov 28

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – You Are Enough! Have you ever compared your life to someone else, only to feel rubbish, insecure or even a failure, stay tuned as I reveal why you should stop comparing yourself to others and why you are good enough! One of the main reasons I see people playing […]

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Nov 21

What Makes You Happy?

Would you like to be happier? I think most people would, I see people from all walks of life and the fundamental underling reason why most people want to change and improve their life, is to enjoy greater happiness.     Although there may not be one secret to happiness in life, one of the […]

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Nov 14

Create The Life You Want – Write Your Own Story

Would you like to create the life you want? So how amazing would it be if you could train your mind to create the life that you want? In this video I’ll share with you a simple strategy, so you can start training your mind to create the life that you want.   We all […]

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Nov 7

Make Better Choices

  Are you enjoying the life you want? If not, watch the video below, as I share the power of choice, and how you can improve your life by making better choices!       So how can you change your life by making better decisions? Firstly we must acknowledge that we can’t always choose […]

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Oct 31

Clear Your Mind And Be More Present

How to enjoy the power of now and be more present. We often get stuck in our own head thinking and worrying about things that are out of our control.  Which reminds of the saying…   “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present” […]

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Oct 24

Take More Action – Do One Thing Everyday To Change Your Life

Have you ever want to make a change or achieve something in your life but felt completely overwhelmed by the size of the task ahead, coming up I’ll share with you a very simple strategy and solution to help you make it happen!   Would you like to know how you can make continuous change […]

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Oct 17

The Power of Gratitude – Attitude of Gratitude

  The Power of Gratitude So what exactly is a gratitude attitude and how do we do it?   In this video I share the power of gratitude.   So what is attitude of gratitude? Simply it’s the habit of expressing appreciation and thanks on a regular basis for the things in life we are […]

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Oct 10

Relax and De-Stress – How Do You Relax and De-stress?

So what do you do to unplug, relax and re-charge? This is a question I’ve asked thousands of clients over the years and for some it turns out to be a really difficult questions. So many people find it challenging to answer, or at least come up with some ways they relax, or ideas on […]

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Oct 3

Programme Your Mind For Success

5 Ways to Programme Your Mind For Success. I often work with clients who say they know what they should and shouldn’t be doing, or they know what they want, but they don’t seem to be able to do it.   This has nothing to do with intellect, desire or motivation, but simply our own […]

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Sep 26

The Power of Words – Change your thinking, change your life!

The question is do words really matter, do the power of words really impact your life? The answer is absolutely, words matter, they have the power to change your mindset and your life, both in a positive way and a negative way.     Which is why it may be time for you to mind […]

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Sep 19

Achieve Success – What Does Success Mean To You?

What does Success mean to you? Have you ever wondered how you can achieve Success? In the video below, I share with you one question, you must ask yourself before you can achieve success in your life?   I often see people working hard, chasing success only to feel unhappy and dissatisfied, and left wanting […]

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Sep 12

Change Your Life – When Is The Best Time To Change

So when is the best time to change and improve your life?   Are you ready to change?   In this video I reveal to you the best time for you to change your life.   If you are ready, then the best the best time to change your life is now! Don’t wait until […]

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Sep 5

Achieve Anything – What do you want to achieve?

Are you achieving the life you want, if not watch teh video below as I share with you the question I ask my clients to help them get unstuck and moving towards the life they want! Too often we get overwhelmed, stuck and too focused on our current circumstance that we forget what we actually […]

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Mar 30

What have you achieved in the last 90 days?

Well tomorrow sees the end of March, so that’s the 1st Quarter of 2017 done already.   So it’s time for a review and a debrief, how has the first quarter of 2017 gone for you?     What have you enjoyed? What have you learnt? What are you grateful for? Get a pen and […]

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Mar 20

Spring Clean Your Mind

Spring Clean Your Mind and Your Life. As well as being the International Day of Happiness today, it’s also the first day of spring here in the northern hemisphere. Spring is such a wonderful time of year, the birds are singing, flowers are blossoming, even the sun is starting to make the occasional appearance, although […]

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Feb 1

How’s Your 2017 Started?

Wow, that’s the 1st month of 2017 complete already, I don’t know about you, but that has whizzed by in a blur! Someone today described January like the Monday of the year, like retuning after the weekend, it can feel a bit slow and take a while to get going. Regardless of how your year […]

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Jan 2

Happy New Year – Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Happy New Year! How can you make 2017 your best year yet? Over the last few days I’ve shared some videos on my Facebook Page in preparation for 2017, here‘s a round up of the videos and how you can get yourself ready to make 2017 your best year yet! Firstly before you do anything, […]

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Sep 27

We Become What We Think About

14 Mind Power Quotes Quotes to help you harness the power of your mind to achive the results and the life that you desire. “We become, what you think about.” Earl Nightingale”What your mind believes you will achieve” Christian Baker   “As you think , so you wil become” Bruce Lee “A man’s life is […]

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Sep 19

How To Programme Your Mind For Success

Previously I’ve talked about how the mind works and the difference between the conscious and subconscious and how often people know what they want to do, change or achieve, but they just don’t seem to be able to do it and that’s because of your mindset, how you mind is programmed. This has nothing to […]

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Aug 15

Anxiety – What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is often described as feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something or some situation. Just because you cant see it, doesn’t make it any less real! Due to the demands of every life, stress and anxiety has now become more widely recognised by both individuals and employers. People in the UK lose several […]

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Aug 8

What if you could do it?

What if you could do it? Too often we are held back by negative assumptions… well what if you actually assumed the possible, what if you change the assumptions you made and started to assume you actually could do it? Imagine what a difference that could actually make for you! After all right, or wrong, […]

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Aug 1

What Will You Achieve?

It’s Monday and it’s the start of a new month and although every day is a new opportunity to refocus, and make some new choices and commitments, a new month in the calendar is like New Year’s Day! It gives us an extra focus to look at the time in the year that has already […]

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Jul 18

Inspirational And Motivational Quotes

    This is why I post inspiring and motivational quotes on social media everyday. ..       “The right quote can inspire people to change their ways.” Zig Ziglar   I often hear “that quote was such good timing” “it really resonated with me” “it helped so much.” “It’s just what I needed […]

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Jul 11

Monday Morning Motivation

Who else hates Monday’s? Do you suffer with the Monday Blues, do you get that feeling of dread as the weekend slips away and Monday morning approaches,  are you in the “I hate Monday’s” club? Judging by many of the conversations that I heard over the weekend and the amount of negative posts on social […]

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Jul 4

How To Make Better Choices

Life Is About Choices, But Your Past Choices Don’t Have To Be Your Future Choices!    

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May 31

How the mind works?

How the mind works – the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind and how you can utilise it for change.                        

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May 4

There’s Just Not Enough Hours In The Day

There’s just not enough hours in the day… or is there? Why is it that some people seem to be super productive and achieve and accomplish so much, where as other people seem to struggle with the tasks of day to day life. Over the years of working with thousands of clients probably one of […]

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Apr 18

The Power Of Now

I’ve just watched Kung Fu Panda with the kids (again) and it reminded me of the importance of disconnecting and

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Feb 29

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your own strengths and qualities. “The reason why we struggle with

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Feb 14

Valentines Day – Love Quotes

Happy Valentines Day, a day of love and romance and in Finland it’s all about friendship, so there’s something for everyone.

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Feb 1

We Are What We Repeatedly Do

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle This is true of everything, success, happiness, fitness,

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Jan 25

Are You living Life On Purpose?

In a recent post I ended by saying “What you do on a daily basis determines the quality of your life, your success, your happiness and

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Jan 18

What do you really want to achieve in 2016?

Well today we are 18 days into 2016, and according to experts yesterday was the day that most people have given up and failed their New

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Jan 4

Are you ready?

Happy New Year… 2016 will be what you make it… What will you choose? Forget New Year resolutions and make real lasting changes instead! Are you ready for change for the better?

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Dec 31

New Year Quotes

New Year quotes, to motivate and inspire you to take action to reach your goals, be the best you can be and have your best year yet! “Tomorrow, is the first blank page

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Dec 21

Enjoy A Stress Free Christmas

Christmas Stress Relief Tips to Help you survive and and enjoy Christmas. Christmas can be a very magical and enjoyable time of year, but

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Dec 7

What does your future hold?

What does your future hold? We are getting close to the time of year were many of us start to think about new year’s resolution and goals for the year ahead.

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Nov 30

Are you asking the wrong questions?

Life is a reflection of the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. What questions do you ask yourself every day? Believe it

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Nov 23

What would it take to make you a success?

What does success mean to you? We all, in different ways, strive to be successful. That is a driving force in our lives.

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Nov 16

What’s Your Biggest Regret?

Regret’s, you’ve probably had a few, but one of the most damaging and detrimental feelings we can have is that of regret. I was interviewed on the BBC Radio Northampton after a survey of the over 50’s revealed their biggest regret was not seeing enough of the world?       So what’s your biggest regret? […]

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Nov 9

The Puzzle of Life

What is your picture? Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle and found a piece left over? Somehow it had got put in the wrong box, and just didn’t fit? That piece didn’t just sit there uselessly while you were putting the puzzle together: you looked at it dozens of times, turned it over, pondered where it could go, checked […]

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Oct 30

Do You Also Suffer from a Lack of Time

Do You Also Suffer from Lack of Time?     What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve All the best Christian Day 28 #28DayChallenge

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Oct 29

Become the Author of Your Own Life.

Become the author of your own life. Imagine you’are an author, or a script writer for a movie, the movie of your life, if you were going to write the next scene, the next chapter, the next episode, what would you like to include?       What would you like to feature and experience […]

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Oct 28

Develop Your Gratitude Attitude

Develop your gratitude attitude and pan for gold.           Day 26 #28DayChallenge

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Oct 27

The Power of Decisions

  The Power of Your Decisions! Everything we do first starts off with a decision we make in our own mind.       Is there something in your life you’re not happy with, something you’d like to change or improve? If so, make a decision to change it. Decide what you’re going to change, […]

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Oct 26

Are You Playing to Win or Not to Lose

  Are you playing to win or playing not to lose? You Can Make it Happen! What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve Christian Baker Day 24 #28DayChallenge

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Oct 25

Words of Wisdom From My 9 year old Son

Words of wisdom from my 9 year old son…               “I’ve Learnt If You Want To Achieve Something Take Your Time But Just Do It!”   Is there anything you would like to achieve, if only you got out of your own way long enough to take your time […]

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Oct 24

When Is The Best Time For Change

When is he best time for Change? The best time for change is now! As the proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now”       I was working with a client who had come to see me because they had set themselves […]

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Oct 23

What Are You Grateful For?

Develop Your Gratitude Attitude What and who are you grateful for? We often spend too much time dwelling on what we want or what we don’t currently have, that we neglect to focus and appreciate what we do have.       As we get more of what we focus on this is counter productive. […]

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Oct 22

Do you ever feel Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel Overwhelmed? The two main reasons people struggle to make any lasting change, is because of overwhelm and inaction. We often feel overwhelmed and fall in to the trap of the Paralysis of Analysis, we overthink and don’t know where to start so we don’t do anything.         The […]

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Oct 21

Back To The Future

Back To The Future “The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln         We reach points in life where we look back and think “If only I had…” or “I’m so pleased I…” Don’t look back in regret with what you didn’t do… what can you […]

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Oct 20

Are You Living To Your Full Potential

Are You Living To Your Full Potential?           Have you been bonsai’d? Christian Baker “What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve” Day 18 #28DayChallenge  

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Oct 19

What Will You Accomplish?

A new week is a great opportunity to re-focus, get back on track and go again.             What are you looking forward to this week? What are you going to accomplish this week? Think Differently and Make it Count! Christian “What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve” Day 17 #28DayChallenge […]

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Oct 18

Focus – The Power of Now

Focus – The Power of Now             “You are too concerned with what was and with what will be. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Kung Fu Panda   What do you do to unplug and […]

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Oct 17

Today is a New Day

Everyday is a new beginning, an opportunity for a fresh start, to re-focus and go again. Is today the day to make some choices, to think and do things differently. After all if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!     Make today the day you think differently, make […]

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Oct 16

If You Don’t Like Something Change It

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou           Christian Baker Day 14 #28DayChallenge  

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Oct 15

You Cant Control What Happens To You

You Cant Always Control All The External Factors That Happen To You But… You can control the way you allow yourself to react and respond to them, that is your choice!     Christian Baker Day 13 #28DayChallenge What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve!  

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Oct 14

Take the time to reflect on what you actually want

  Your thoughts and your actions either move you closer towards or further away from what you want, what will you choose? When was the last time you actually spent time thinking about and taking action towards what you want?         Take the time to reflect on what you actually want. Focus […]

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Oct 13

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Too many people are living life on auto pilot and just existing going through the motions. Instead choose the dreams  you want to follow, choose the life you want and start living it on purpose!       Christian Baker Day 11 #28DayChallenge

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Oct 12

Motivation Doesn’t Last

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” –  Zig Ziglar So if motivation doesn’t last, what do you do to motivate yourself? What can you do daily to motivate yourself? What actually motivates you? The things that we do, the TV we watch, the music […]

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Oct 11

What If You Couldn’t Fail

What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?             A fear of failure can come disguised in many different way’s including; *Procrastination *Perfectionism *Lack of Clarity & Direction *Overwhelm *Lack of Action & Implementation *Indesicive *Lack of Self-Confidence Not starting something is a far greater failure than starting and […]

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Oct 10

How Do You Relax And Unwind

What are your favourite ways to disconnect, switch off and relax and unwind?           Share and comment with your favourite ways to Relax and Unwind  using #RelaxAndUnwind Day 8 #28DayChallenge Christian Baker What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve!  

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Oct 9

I’ll Do Today What Others Wont

I’ll Do Today What Others Wont, So Tomorrow I’ll Have What Other’s Don’t.               Whart Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve Christian Baker Day 7 #28DayChallenge

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Oct 8

Mind Weeds or Flowers

Are you growing and nurturing Mind Weeds or Mind Flowers? Your thoughts are like little seeds growing in the fertile soil of your inner mind, they either grow into flowers or weeds, if you nurture the right seeds you will get to enjoy some mind flowers and harvest a better tomorrow. On the flip side, […]

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Oct 7

Do You Have A Dream

Today’s Thought For The Day… “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney   Do you have a Dream? Focus more on your desire than on doubt, imagine it, believe it, achieve it! Go for it & you can make it happen! Christian Baker Day 5 #28DayChallenge  

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Oct 6

You have the gift of 86400 seconds today

Happy Choose-Day! You have the gift of 86,400 seconds today, how will you choose, to best make them count?       Day 4 ‪#‎28DayChallenge‬

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Oct 5

Whatever You Believe With Feeling Becomes Your Reality

“Whatever You Believe With Feeling Becomes Your Reality” Brian Tracy            

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Oct 4

Mind Your Language

Today I want you to mind your language. Not just the words that you speak out loud, but I also want you to be mindful of your self-talk. We all talk to ourselves and have that inner voice. But ask yourself who else in the world would you treat as harshly as you treat yourself? […]

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Oct 3

90 Days until a New Year

Just 90 days of 2015 to go, but don’t wait until the new year… It’s time to set a #28DayChallenge for October! What are you going to change or improve?         My October #28DayChallenge is to post one new video every day. Why? Well, I’ve been talking about and planning to do […]

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Sep 1

12 Wayne Dyer Quotes that will help Inspire you to Be The Best You Can Be

12 Wayne Dyer Quotes that will help inspire you to Be The Best You Can Be. As a tribute to Wayne Dyer best selling author in the field of self-development and spiritual growth & “father of motivation.” here are 12 of my favourite Wayne Dyer quotes to help inspire you to Be The Best You Can […]

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Aug 17

28 Day Challenge

What Will You Achieve in the next 28 Days?  “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”  Paulo Coelho Time seems to be a popular topic of conversation, with more and more people commenting about how quickly time flies, and […]

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Aug 3

What’s Holding You Back

What’s Holding You Back, have you been Bonsai’d? One of my favourite films growing up was Karate Kid, not only did it ignite my interst in Martial Arts, but it also introduced me to the bonsai tree; And I was just wondering is your ambition like a bonsai tree? Ask a small child what he/she wants […]

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Jul 13

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?   In a previous post I said the two main reasons people struggle to make any lasting change, is because of overwhelm and inaction. One of the biggest causes of overwhelm that prevents people from enjoying the success, achievement and the life that they […]

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Jul 6

Relax and Unwind

How many different ways you can unplug, disconnect, relax and unwind? In a recent post I was talking about the power of now and the importance of disconnecting, relaxing and unwinding and I asked; What do you do to unplug and enjoy time in the here and the now? This is a question I’ve asked […]

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Jun 29

Half way through the year already

How will you begin the 2nd half of 2015? Can you believe six months of this year has gone already! The important question now is, how will you begin the 2nd half of 2015, what action will you take to achieve your goals and make this your best year yet? Are you completely satisfied with […]

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May 18

Overcome Exam Stress And Anxiety

  It’s the busy time of year for exams, which means lots of students are suffering with exams stress and nerves, from people taking their SATS, A levels and GSCE Exams. All throughout the year I see people of all ages taking exams and grading’s, from students in education, and adults taking career exams and […]

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Feb 5

7 simple ideas to increase your happiness

  I see people from all walks of life to help to help them excel and grow, to transform limiting beliefs, stop unwanted habits and behaviours, to increase their performance in sport, business and life. The fundamental underling reason why most people want to change and improve their life, is to enjoy greater happiness.   […]

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Jan 19

What Makes You Happy

What makes you happy? So today is apparently Blue Monday, a day when many people feel down and low, due to an accumulation of reasons including failed new years resolutions, bad weather conditions, lack of sunlight, the amount of time since Christmas, post-Christmas bills and weight gain, oh and the fact that it’s Monday and […]

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Jan 5

New Year Resolution’s – Think Differently

Happy New Year! New Year Resolution’s don’t work so maybe now is the time to start thinking differently. I’m not  fan of New Years Resolution’s, or to be more precise I’m not a fan of the process, or the lack of process most people use to set New Years Resolutions.  But what I am a […]

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Dec 31

What are your 2014 highlights

Happy New Years Eve! What Are Your 2014 Highlights? As the year comes to an end, and we turn the calendar to a New Year, there’s lots of talk about New Year’s resolutions and you’re probably thinking and wondering about what kind of you will have in 2015. But before you look at the next […]

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Jun 30

What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve

  If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t either way your right!   “Belief – an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. trust, faith, or confidence in (someone or something).” Whether we are aware of it or not our belief system plays an integral role in how we […]

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Jun 18

What do you choose

Recently I was walking with my family and some friends in the woods, it was when all the bluebells were out, it was such a spectacular sight. These were woods that we’d not visited before and on our way through the woods we often reached a crossroad, where the path forked off in different directions […]

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May 12

Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean Your Life and De-Weed Your Mind! There’s a real sense of spring in the air, the sun is shining (occasionally), the spring flowers are emerging, the birds outside are singing and people are walking with a spring in there step! I’ve decided Spring is my favourite time of year (well at least  until summer […]

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Apr 14

How is your money blueprint programmed

How is your money blueprint programmed? How and Why do some people achieve the life they desire and others settle for less? I’m always fascinated by human potential and how and why some people achieve the life they desire and others settle for less. Wealth and abundance is one of the areas that has fascinated […]

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Feb 25

How to Raise Your Energy For Success

How to Raise Your Energy For Success Every goal, ambition, dream or target that you have in your life comes ready-made with a fixed amount of energy attached to it. Once that pre-fixed energy is gone, you lapse into a state of flux: you neither have the power to carry on towards your target, nor […]

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Feb 10

What’s the One Percent Improvement You Will Make Today

So if Action is the missing piece of the puzzle that stops so many from achieving personal success and achievement, why don’t they take the action required to get them the result they say they want. I’ve worked and coached people from all walks of life who want to make change and improvements to their […]

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Feb 3

How to make the change and keep the Momentum going.

In my recent post I shared with you the 3 w’s – the 3 steps that will help you create positive change and transformation in your life. Where? What? Why? These 3 steps really help you to chose, clarify and commit to achieve what yo want in your life. But then how do you make it […]

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