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10 Key Weight Loss Commitments Part 2

10 Key Commitments for Losing Weight and Feeling Great Part 2.

In my last posts I shared with you Part 1 of my 10 Key Commitments for helping you to lose weight and feel great.   

Here’s part 2 with the next 5…

6.            You can always leave food on your plate, if you don’t need it, then its waste, you can decide if you want it to go into the waste bin or straight onto your waist!

This is one of the most common weight loss problems I come across, or they have been programmed and conditioned to eat everything on their plate.

The clean plate syndrome is one of those things that has been passed down from generation to generation, maybe it started from war time rationing or maybe there is whole host of other well intention emotion reasons, either way if you are comfortably full or satisfied, learn that is ok to leave food on your plate.

If you’re comfortably full, satisfied or simply don’t need it, then its waste, you can have it later, recycle do with it what you wish it’s still waste so you decide if it goes to the waste bin or onto your waist!

To help break of this outdated unwanted conditioning and programming is simply to start leaving any amount of food on your plate, just re-programme yourself that it is ok to leave food, trust me from personal experience e this gets easier every time you do it.  🙂

7.            Keep yourself Hydrated and enjoy drinking water now.

We are made up of mostly water, and most people don’t drink enough let alone enough water.  This is key, because often de-hydration is confused with hunger, so drinking water, little and often will keep you hydrated and regulate your appetite.

For tips on how you can increase your intake of water re-visit my recent 5 Big Weight Loss Mistakes post. 

8.            Ditch the scales, instead notice your clothes getting loser and how much better you now feel.

This is the one most serial dieters struggle with the most, ditch the scales, stop beating yourself up and punishing yourself.  Using the scales and weighing yourself is a useful indicator over a period of time, but obsessing about the scales and getting on them daily or multiple times a day is simply a form of self punishment. Most dieters have experience weeks between weigh-ins when they have been “good” and the scales haven’t reflected that or told them what they wanted to here and likewise, dieters have not so “good” weeks and are surprised with the number on the scales. Our weight can fluctuate a few pounds here and there because of so many factors, it just doesn’t serve any useful purpose of value to get on the scales that often.

Yes use it as one of your key indicators but don’t rely on it, instead measure your progress in other ways, how loose/comfortable you feel in your clothes, how much more energy you have, how much better you feel.  You decide what works best for you, but find ways that are more empowering and encouraging for you and ditch the scales.

I know this is controversial and often an alien concept for most seasoned dieters, but do it and see how good you feel.  Most of my clients tell me this is the one thing that liberates them and gives them freedom from the old diet traps more than anything else.  Go on see how good it feels for you!

9.            Move your body daily – The more active you, the better you feel, the better you feel, the more active you are.

Simple but effective, just move your body more, most people already know the most effective strategy to help you to lose weight is to increase your daily activity, but most people don’t do it or at least they don’t do it consistently enough.

The times I hear people say I walked everywhere last week, or I’ve been to the gym three times, but I haven’t lost any weight yet!!  Come on time to get real, you need to get more active and generally move your body more every day, and find ways to increase activity in your overall lifestyle.

I’m guessing you probably didn’t put on your weight on over night or even over a week or two, so give yourself a chance to lose the weight safely and healthy.

One of the reasons people don’t stay active in their lifestyle, is because they rely on one thing or don’t enjoy doing what they have chosen to do.

So the best thing to do is have a variety of tasks, and make it your challenge to find something you enjoy doing, and at least in the meantime enjoy the benefits being more active brings to you.

Ask yourself the question;

“How can I be more active and enjoy it?”

See how many different forms of activity you can come up with now.

10.          Imagine, and remember your desired outcome as often as you can throughout your day, but at least first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

The mind is very powerful we get more of what we thing about, we get more of what we focus on and the mind doesn’t understand the difference between real and imagined, so the more you imagine what you, the more real you are making the chance of you achieving it, by programming your mind on to what you actually want.  Plus it’s certainly more enjoyable to think and focus on what you want, so feed your mind with these thoughts every day.

If you would like some help to re-programme your subconscious blueprint grab your copy of Lose Weight Now and get instant access to this powerful mind re-programming weight loss audio programme.



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