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7 simple ideas to increase your happiness


I see people from all walks of life to help to help them excel and grow, to transform limiting beliefs, stop unwanted habits and behaviours, to increase their performance in sport, business and life. The fundamental underling reason why most people want to change and improve their life, is to enjoy greater happiness.


“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” Aristotle

Happiness means different things to different people, so the first step is to decide what happiness means to you, what does it feel like, how do you know when you are happy?

Once you know, you can make it happen and enjoy being happier more often.

So whatever happiness means to you – do what makes you happy!

All too often we focus on what doesn’t make us happy, that we lose sight of what actually makes us happy.

In the post what makes you happy, I suggested you spend more time, thinking about and spending time doing the things that make you smile and be happy and I asked a few questions to help get you thinking differently;

Who do you enjoying spending time with?

What or who makes you laugh the most?

What’s the funniest joke you can think of?

What is your favourite Happy song?

What are your top 3 Happiest memories?

What are some of your most enjoyable pastimes that make you happy?

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” Aristotle

I wanted to expand on this a little further and highlight some simple ways you can increase your happiness.

Some of these ideas may seem too simple or even common sense, but I’ve learnt that just because something is common sense doesn’t make it common practise.

Here’s 7 simple ideas to increase your happiness, lift your mood and increase your energy and wellbeing.

1 – Get Active – Physical activity is known to have a profound impact on our happiness and wellbeing. Do something now to exercise and move your body.

2 – Sleep – good quality sleep is the foundation to how we feel, it makes us less sensitive and receptive to negative emotions. So go to bed at a regular time, go to bed earlier. Get off your phone and electrical devices and prepare yourself for a good night sleep.

3 – Spend time with friends, family and loved ones, the people who matter most to you. We often get so busy we forget to pause to share and enjoy the good times with our loved ones.

4 – Pay it forward – do a good deed for someone, help others, volunteer enjoy the happiness feeling of doing something for someone else.

5 – Develop your gratitude attitude – What do you already have to be happy about? It’s too easy to forget focus on the good things that make us happy. So shift your focus away from the negatives and the things you don’t have, and focus your appreciation towards the things that you already feel grateful for.

6 – Smile and Laugh more – eliminate time spent on negatives, TV, music, people etc. and spend more time with the people and pastimes that radiate happiness and make you smile and laugh more. Watch more comedy, TV programmes, movies and comedians.

7 – Re-programme your mind for happiness, self-hypnosis, meditation, change the way you think and act to develop more empowering habits and behaviours for greater happiness.

I hope these 7 simple ideas gives you some inspiration to help increase your happiness, lift your mood and increase your energy and wellbeing.

Do what makes you happy, keep smiling, think happy and be happy!

What your mind believes you will achieve,

All the best

Christian Baker




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