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What have you achieved in the last 90 days?

Well tomorrow sees the end of March, so that’s the 1st Quarter of 2017 done already.


So it’s time for a review and a debrief, how has the first quarter of 2017 gone for you?



What have you enjoyed?

What have you learnt?

What are you grateful for?

Get a pen and paper our and start your own review.

Also ask yourself, what have been your highlights, what have you done well?

What do you need to Stop doing, Keep Doing and Start doing?

In many ways it feels like 2017 hasn’t even got started yet…

On the 2nd of February I had a car accident, nothing too serious, I was stationary waiting to give way, but the car behind me didn’t stop and went straight into the back of me, jolting me and the car forward on impact… OUCH!

Although I’ve carried on as normal, this has been a major focus over the last 8 weeks.

The car was fixed in 2 weeks, but I’ve taken a little bit longer, I’ve been struggling with neck and back pain, (followed by a dodgy knee). Lots of physio and daily stretching and I’m just starting to feel normal again. I’ve got my last Physio session tonight and he’s confident that that should be enough rehabilitation to get me back on track.

I like to keep physically active, but with exception of walking the dog, (which has been a struggle some days) I haven’t really done any physical activity this year, so I have to take it slow and steady, but I can’t wait to get go for a run and get back to the gym.

It’s amazing how when you physically can’t do something, you miss it so much more.

For me there is a real connection with physical fitness and mind fitness, so when I’m not physically active, I feel tired, sluggish and generally not as sharp and focused as I could be. (My wife and kids may even say I’m a little bit grumpy) 🙂

Although physically it’s been frustrating, and I’ve not had as many happy feel good chemicals pumping round my body, mentally and emotionally I’m so grateful! Grateful because I know in the grand scheme of things, this was so minor, there are many people that are unfortunately dealing with so much more.

I work with clients every day, many of which have experienced, or are experiencing significant struggles and hardship. So yes I know Life can be challenging, life can be cruel, life can be stressful, but life can also be fulfilling, calm, exciting, happy and amazing… it’s up to us to make the most of it.

Certain factors will always be out of our control, but we always have choices, we don’t have to leave life to chance, we can strive to life a full life on purpose.

I was on the train to London last Thursday, the day after the tragic events, when sadly people lost their life and others were serious injured, I found myself reflecting on how precious life is.

And I couldn’t help thinking we get too caught up in the daily “stuff” that we can end up just existing and not living.

I know I’m guilty of that, I don’t always to take enough time to appreciate and enjoy the life I have now.

All too often we take life and people for granted, I know I do!

Is there anyone or anything you are taking for granted?

That being said, I also know I’m not always as focused as I could be, getting distracted and not always taking action in the right direction.

So sitting on the train on my way home from seeing clients, I made a decision, a decision to take my own advice, the decision to live a more purposeful life and ensure I take consistent action on the tasks that matter, and spend more time with the people that matter most, rather than get caught up in the current of life and leave it to chance.

This is something I have always endeavoured to do, but I’m only human and life sometimes get in the way, or sometimes I get in my own way, I get caught up in the busyness of life, I go through bouts of self-doubt, moments of lacking in self-belief, am I doing the right thing, do I know enough, am I good enough, who wants to listen to what I have to say!

I’ve learnt that this doesn’t make you weak, it just makes you human. What’s most important, is how you deal with it, it’s how you grow and develop from it that matters.

Like I said I’m only human, I have to work on these things too and trust me from years of working with thousands of clients, including some amazing and successful people, including household names in the public eye, who from the outside appear to have amazing lives, they also have “stuff” to deal with.  They’re only human and have to manage setbacks, their thoughts, their feelings and their emotions.

Anyone who tells you they don’t, are either acting to convince themselves or just deluded. We all encounter times in our life, where we could benefit from working on our mindset and emotional fitness. In the same way we benefit from looking after our physical fitness.

This is why I have regular reviews, set goals, and create do lists for taking action. This is also the reason why I have a personal coach, to help keep me focused, to keep me on track, to push and stretch me and to encourage me to do and be the best I can be.

I’ve been the king of procrastination in the past, I’ve got so many ideas and so many incomplete projects,

It’s time to step up and make good things happen, after the accident and the events in London, I kept thinking what would happen if I couldn’t work, or worse still what if I didn’t come home one day, what security and legacy am I leaving for my family.

Without me being present with clients, I don’t have a business, or an income. 95% of my work is working 1-2-1 in person with clients. I will absolutely continue to do this, I love working with clients and helping them transform.

But, it’s time to make some changes, time to add diversity to my business, time to take action and implement some other pillars of my own business, that I’ve been putting off, or not committing to for far too long.

I’m really excited and looking forward to future…

So that’s me, that’s where I am after the 1st quarter of 2017, but what about you,

What have you learnt, what would you like to change, or improve in your life?

What have you been putting off?

What action to you need to start taking?

Start by looking at the next Quarter, the next 3 months, the next 90 days of 2017.

Ask yourself;

What have I been putting off?

What is my main focus for the next 90 days?

What am I going to accomplish in the next 90 days?

What action can I take?

What is it time to implement?

Or maybe 90 days seems to daunting, maybe you want to break that down into smaller chunks, or you have things you want to accomplish sooner, in which case set yourself a 28 Day Challenge,  get yourself really focused and decide what you’re going to achieve in the next 28 days.

What are you going to do with the next 28 days, 672 hours, 40320 minutes?
Remember the time is going to pass either way, you might as well chose to do something productive with it.

Think, wonder and ask yourself…

What would I do if you knew I couldn’t fail?

If there were no obstacles in the way, what would I really like to achieve?

If I had all the time and resources what would I do?

Don’t wait for the prefect time, or the perfect conditions, take imperfect action, make progress, make mistakes, learn from them and keep going.

The more decisive action you take, the more progress you will make.

Go on…Make it happen!

Quote of the week.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Jim Rohn



I’m looking forward to getting my 2017 started, getting fit and making good things happen!

Here’s to a more active and fulfilling 28 days ahead.

It’s your life, decide what you want and go and make it happen!
All the best

Christian Baker
“What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve”


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