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What’s Your Biggest Regret?

Regret’s, you’ve probably had a few, but one of the most damaging and detrimental feelings we can have is that of regret.

I was interviewed on the BBC Radio Northampton after a survey of the over 50’s revealed their biggest regret was not seeing enough of the world?




So what’s your biggest regret?

Recently I read another article about our nations biggets regrets, and the top 50 things we’d do if we had our time again.

Do any of these match yours?

1. Save more money

2. Be less wasteful with money

3. Make more effort to stay fit

4. Be better with money generally

5. Travel the world

6. Avoid debt

7. Worry less about small things

8. Work harder at school

9. Explore more of the UK

10. Be more confident/outgoing

11. Enjoy more days out

12. Travel more within Europe

13. Go on more weekend breaks

14. Get out of an unhappy relationship

15. Show those closest to me how much I love them

16. Take more exotic holidays

17. Make more effort to keep in touch with friends

18. Find a better job

9. Find a more worthwhile job

20. Push myself harder in my career

21. Take up more hobbies

22. Take more photographs

23. Marry the RIGHT person

24. Be a better son/daughter

25. Visit immediate family more

26. Spend more time with friends

27. Go out more

28. Go to university

29. See and talk to parents more

30. Make more effort to make friends

31. Get a pension

32. Make more time for the children

33. Marry the one who got away

34. Buy, not rent

35. Do more to help people less fortunate than myself

36. Listen to my parents

37. I would work less

38. Buy a bigger / nicer house

39. Be nicer to people

40. Have children earlier

41. Have children

42. Have more children

43. Have more one-night stands

44. Give more to charity

45. Party harder

46. Go on a gap year

47. Be more faithful to partners

48. Use my student discount more effectively

49. Have a bigger wedding

50. Go home for parents / siblings birthdays

That’s a lot of regret, most involve changing our past, something that we can’t do, bit we can change the way we react and respond to it!

We can feel bad about things, even bemoan our lot once in a while about the things that
we have done that we wish we hadn’t, or the things that we haven’t done that we wish we
had. But there comes a time when we have to turn a regret into a target.

As long as we hold on to those regrets – about anything in our lives – we are tightly
grabbing the end of an anchor. Regrets can only serve to hold us in place as our focus
is forced to be backwards onto things we can’t change, rather than forwards onto the
things we can still influence.

Move on, move up and move forward. Learn from your experiences, but for goodness sake
and for your own sake – let go of the anchor of regret.

Instead why not create a bucket list, if you don’t already have one, why not create a
target of all the things you would like to do and experience in your life!

Go on have some fun, and imagine what would you like to do if anything was possible.

Think differently and make it happen!

Christian Baker





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