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How to make the change and keep the Momentum going.

In my recent post I shared with you the 3 w’s – the 3 steps that will help you create positive change and transformation in your life.


These 3 steps really help you to chose, clarify and commit to achieve what yo want in your life.

But then how do you make it happen and keep the momentum going?

Many people have aspired to make a change, but have often fallen short or given up and gone back to their old ways.

By following the 3w’s it really helps you to get super clear and charged for what you actually want.

But if you leave it there nothing will really change for the better.

The mistake many people make is to think that thoughts alone will change their circumstance, and yes it is crucial, but thoughts and knowledge alone aren’t going to change anything without one vital piece of the puzzle.

In recent years through films and books such as “The Secret”, the law of attraction has become very popular and the concept that we get more of what we thing about, what we focus on we tend to get more of, like attracts like.

However I’ve worked with many clients and had conversations with many more people who have read books watched films, invested in programmes, only to be disappointed, frustrated and disillusioned that it doesn’t work. That’s because many teachings and programmes fall short of the vital piece of the puzzle!

Action – more precisely taking consistent continuous action.

“Action is the foundational key to all success” – Picasso

Once you decide what you want, you then have to take action towards it. You need to develop the habits, behaviours and actions towards your goal/desired outcome.

When I interviewed Joe Vitale, one of the Star’s of the film The Secret for the Magnetic Money Mindset Summit – he calls this the missing secret – “The Law of Right action”.

It’s like driving a car, if you learn to drive a car but never actually get in and turn the engine on, get into gear and drive, it’s going to take you a long time to actual get where you want to go.

Yes you may be fortunate that if you wait long enough someone may offer to take you. But why leave it to chance, it’s going to be so much easier and quicker if you start to take the right action.

You must take continuous action, I see so many people stop short just before they start to get somewhere, yet the results may just be one step away.

Results are a combination of small steps. If you learn to drive but never get in the car you will only ever get so far, but even if you get in you still have to continue to take steps. Buckle up, check your mirrors, put the key in, start the engine, but if you just sit and rev the engine you’re still not going get anywhere, you then have to get in gear, take the parking brake off, mirror signal manoeuvre .

Even when you set off you will continue to make more action steps and if the road ahead is blocked you will need to Evaluate your progress, and make adjustments to take into account external factors to keep you on rack.

Ask your self – Have I been taking action towards reaching my goals?

Be really honest with yourself, if I followed you around with a camera crew 24/7 for the next week, 28days or even the next year, and tracked your actions and progress what would happen?

“Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction!”

I really want you to take away the importance of taking action, and continuing to take consistent action.

Once you become aware of your actions and whether they are moving you closer towards or further away from your desired outcome, you will start to do things with a purpose and on purpose and you will start to make monumental gains and change your life in the direct you desire!

Now ask yourself,  “What Action can I take today towards reaching… (insert your goal here)?”

“The more action you take the more progress you make”


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