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Monday Morning Motivation

Who else hates Monday’s?

Do you suffer with the Monday Blues, do you get that feeling of dread as the weekend slips away and Monday morning approaches,  are you in the “I hate Monday’s” club?

Judging by many of the conversations that I heard over the weekend and the amount of negative posts on social media, I’d saw this group has a lot of members!

I say the ‘Monday blues”, but it could actually be called the Sunday evening blues, because Monday starts to loom ever larger as Sunday wears on – how about even calling it the Sunday afternoon blues! To be honest for some people you could insert any day of the week before “… Blues”

The blues are all too common, and with the world of news and social media being only a fingertip away, it’s all too easy to fall into the rut or negativity and carried along by the crowd moaning about life.

Of course the reason behind it is not hard to work out – people are going back to work, and for many that means the daily grind of doing a job they don’t like, to pay for their rent or mortgage on a house they don’t spend much time in, because they are out working!

Maybe the journey to work is horrendous and the thoughts of another long week before the next weekend, just sends a wave over overwhelm throughout your body!

Instead of falling into the rut of repeated moaning, why not look at other options that you CAN do something about..?

The Monday morning or daily blues are normally work related, and that’s because it’s a routine, a routine that may have been the same for *years*. It is understandable to develop a feeling of boredom, maybe even resentment, towards the morning return to work, but this can be reduced by thinking about it differently and looking at it with a different perspective.

If you get to go to work, how lucky are you!

That’s right, lucky!

I’ve been working with a client recently who through no fault of his own, has been made redundant 3 times in as many years, another client has been unable to return to work after a life changing illness.  How lucky and fortunate do you think he would be to get another job?

Think of all the people around the world that would give their right arm to be in your position. You probably have health, a home, decent clothes, food on the table, all things not available to millions upon millions of people less fortunate than you.

I’m forever saying you get more of what we focus on, so maybe it’s time for you to shift your focus.  Start to focus on how fortunate you are and your view of Monday morning will change.

If your Monday or work involves doing something you don’t like, or even hate, then change it!

Obviously that may not be as simple as it sounds, and it may not be an overnight solution, you may feel tied in to your current situation but it is possible.

Once you start doing work that moves you towards your goal, your passions, your joys, then Monday mornings are welcomed – as it happens, Monday morning will stop being a ‘thing’ anyway once you are moving towards such goals.  As every day is a fresh new day, full of possibility to move you closer to your goals and live your life on purpose, with purpose. Something I often refer to as your why – Why, you do what you do!

Monday Morning Motivation Quotes

“Don’t be pushed by your problems.  Be led by your dreams”

“Change the changeable. Accept the unchangeable. And remove yourself from the unacceptable.”



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