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How is your money blueprint programmed

How is your money blueprint programmed?

How and Why do some people achieve the life they desire and others settle for less?

I’m always fascinated by human potential and how and why some people achieve the life they desire and others settle for less.

Wealth and abundance is one of the areas that has fascinated me over the years, in particular the importance of your mindset and what impact this has on your relationship with money.

Now wealth, riches and abundance comes in many different forms and means different things to all of us. But for this post I’m going to focusing on wealth in terms of your money blueprint and your relationship with money.

I’ve interviewed many world class experts in the areas of Abundance, Wealth, Riches, Law of Attraction, Prosperity, Money and the Mindset. Including Self-made millionaires, Entrepreneurs, Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding, Joe Vitale from the film The Secret.

This combined with my first hand experience of working with individuals on a day to day basis, to eliminate unwanted beliefs, attitudes and behaviour patterns has led me to understand there are two sides of the same wealth coin.

On one side we have your Mindset and on the other we have your financial Education and Intelligence. Both are interconnected and equally important, but often one is usually overlooked.

Firstly your financial education and intelligence is your understanding of money matters, money planning, money management etc

On the other side we have mindset; mindset is your thoughts feelings, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, associations, your energy and emotions towards money – your money blueprint.

Throughout your life you have probably been exposed to many negative beliefs and programming around money,

Have you ever heard or said any of these sayings…

Money Corrupts

Money is the root of all evil

There isn’t enough to go around

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Filthy rich

Rich get rich the poor get poorer

Money doesn’t buy you happiness

But we can’t afford that.

What have you been programmed to believe about money. From birth until this day you may have unconsciously accepted some of these imprints to be true, which has probably influenced your money blueprint.

Maybe you poor relationship with money, you may even be repelling money away from you and suffer with poverty consciousness, or maybe you attract money like a magnet and are programmed for prosperity consciousness.

Either way you are probably leaving it to chance, imagine if you could possible develop and enhance your money blueprint and your prosperity consciousness and enjoy a more positive relationship with money.

Many people wrongly believe that wealth and prosperity is about luck, or being born into money. Both of these can help, but that alone isn’t enough. Your own mindset, your attitude, your feelings and emotions about money, and about yourself is far more important.

So many people come into money – maybe a lottery win or inheritance and then they lose it all. Others have made a fortune only to lose it all. In this case some never recover from the loss, where as other’s make it back again, often many times over.

On the flip side there are countless examples of people who have come from deprived backgrounds and less that fortunate beginnings who manage to accumulate significant wealth.

So it can’t just be about luck, background, education…  It has to be about your mindset, your beliefs, your attitudes, your behaviours, your programming around money.

Both sides of this coin are important, for long term success, you cannot ignore either side, you must pay attention to both sides and work on develop both sides.

I have worked with many individuals who struggle with money, some because they have come from hard times in their lives, poor upbringing, struggling as a student, or when starting out on their own, raising a family, being made redundant, even being made bankrupt.

But often people have moved past these time yet still act, feel and behave around money, as if they are still in those times.  And their money blueprint is running like out of date software on a computer.

Equally I’ve worked with many individuals who earn more in a month, than most average people will in a year, or even a lifetime, yet they are still struggling and don’t have any money left at the end of the month. This is simply because of their programming around money.

So it doesn’t matter how much money or income you have currently, if you are not happy with it change it, and do it right now, don’t wait now is the time to start to evolve and update your money blueprint and stat to train your mind and upgrade your abundance programming.

Either way it doesn’t have to be that way. Deeply embedded subconscious beliefs may be holding you back from what you consciously desire, but you can change it.

If you were unhappy with your physical fitness, you can address it and improve it; equally if you are not happy with your money blueprint and your current relationship with money, you can work on your mental and emotional financial fitness to help improve it.

It was a believed a Roman Philosopher first said “Luck is when Preparation meets opportunity”

So it’s important that you prepare your mind for the opportunities that are out there. You first have to decide you want it, and then focus on making it happen.

You can do it!

Christian Baker

Hypnotherapist & Performance Coach

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