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How to Raise Your Energy For Success

How to Raise Your Energy For Success

Every goal, ambition, dream or target that you have in your life comes ready-made with a fixed amount of energy attached to it.

Once that pre-fixed energy is gone, you lapse into a state of flux: you neither have the power to carry on towards your target, nor do you have the will to forget the whole thing.

The result: overwhelm, apathy, procrastination. All you can do is think of other things that you’d rather be doing.

But, that unfinished task acts like a drain on the energy attached to all the other things that you do instead.

The single most important think you can do is get really clear on your WHY, why you want to do and achieve something, once you get clear any resistance dissolves and energy and momentum gets super charged to just do it.

Each task’s energy CAN also be boosted, but only if it is topped up before it runs empty.

The trick is to either plan your steps so that you finish each one while its energy level is still sufficient to keep you going, or to deliberately stop before the tank runs empty – so that your enthusiasm can supply the needed fuel for you to start again another day.

Think of it like a car. All the time there is fuel in the tank, you can go somewhere and get things done. If the needle says that the tank is running low, you can get to a petrol station and fill up.

But if you ignore that needle and allow the tank to run dry, you grind to a halt. Odds are that you will come to a full-stop in the most inconvenient place possible, and getting more fuel will be a major challenge.

When working with my clients I nearly always get them to come up with their own lifestyle strategies to keep their energy replenished and stop them running in empty.

Think of all the different things you can do to keep your energy tank topped up, here are some ideas to get you started;

– It may involve utilising the 1% Solution, and keep your momentum going 1 step at a time.
– Find the time of day when your energy levels are high and naturally flowing.
– Take time out to Relax and Unwind – listening to a self hypnosis audio, read, go for a walk.
– Ensure you get sufficient sleep.
– Keep yourself well hydrated
– Eat well, fuel your body with the best quality food and drink you can.


The other way to keep your energy and momentum going is to give yourself a boost, a boost in self confidence.

How is your confidence?

Even the most confident of people could benefit from a boost, but if you’re like most people, your confidence quotient could do with a bit of a boost. Here are three things you can do right away to do just that:

1. Learn to put the past in its place. The past is gone, you can’t change it but you can change the way you allow yourself to respond to it. It’s okay to remember, but often self destructive to dwell on the past. Learn from the past, live in the present and be excited for the future.

2. Don’t believe negative people. We are all surrounded by two types of people – those who hold us up and boost our energy, and those who push us down and drain our energy. The negative ones are forever trying to tell us that we can’t do things, but what they really mean is THEY can’t. Nobody has the right to tell you what you can or can’t do – that is for you to decide. Decide to be positive and focus on what you want!

3. Celebrate your successes. Make a big thing of them – if only in your mind. We often spend too much time and energy thinking and emotionally charging the negatives.  Instead just ask yourself what you can learn from it. But more importantly reward yourself for doing well and celebrate your, positive steps, your success and your achievements and pretty soon it will come more naturally. Remember where your attention goes everything flows. So focus your attention and energy on the good stuff!


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