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Relax and Unwind

How many different ways you can unplug, disconnect, relax and unwind?

In a recent post I was talking about the power of now and the importance of disconnecting, relaxing and unwinding and I asked;

What do you do to unplug and enjoy time in the here and the now?

This is a question I’ve asked thousands of clients over the years and for some it turns out to be one of the most difficult questions, so many find it challenging to answer or at least come up with some ways they relax or ideas on how they’d like to relax.

So during a session with a client we take a few moments to come with as many different ideas as we can, at this stage they are just ideas, but it helps to get the creative juices flowing and they may just come up with a few they actually like.

Before you read on I encourage you to do the same, get a pen and a piece of paper (old school is always the best) and see how many ideas you can come up with.

But the reason for writing this post is, that I wanted help you by coming up with a list of ideas that may possibly inspire you to find some ways to help you Relax and Unwind.  Then if you are ever stuck for ideas you can comeback  re-visit this page and see what takes your fancy.

This list is by no means exhaustive, I’m sure you can think of some others (if you do let me know and I’ll happily add it to the list).

Here goes…

Different Ways to Enjoy the Power of Now

  1. Take a bath/shower
  2. Light a candle
  3. Listen to music
  4. Listen to a guided relaxtion/meditation audio
  5. Breath –focus on your breathing, change your breath takes some deep belly breaths
  6. Get outside in nature
  7. Go for a walk – once of my favourites, the picture above is from a walk the other day.
  8. Look up – lift your eyes off the floor and look up more.
  9. Physical Relaxation – be aware of your body and relax physically from head to toe.
  10. Go to the park
  11. Laugh – read, listen or watch something funny
  12. Dance like no one is watching
  13. Sing like no one is listening
  14. Call/visit a friend
  15. Have a nap
  16. Water – drinking it, touching it, playing in it.
  17. Holidays – obvious, but often overlooked.
  18. Cleaning – not for everyone, but I’ve had quite a few over the years who find this a really could switch off
  19. Massage – or any kind of spa treatments
  20. Reading – another popular one, but many don’t take time to actually do it!
  21. Music –  music is very emotive, make sure you listen to music that inspires good feelings
  22. Movies – as above
  23. Sports – watching & participating – endless different sports available.
  24. Yoga/pilates
  25. Going to beach.
  26. Spending quality family time – having fun and playing with the children.
  27. Meditating
  28. Going to the Gym
  29. Running
  30. Cycling
  31. Looking at wonderful scenery
  32. Staring at an open fire – or flame of a candle.
  33. Enjoying a nice meal
  34. Having a drink – Always drink in moderation – too many clients get in the habit of drinking when they no longer enjoy it. But I thought I’d better include it as it’s often the first answer I get.
  35. Gardening
  36. Holding hands/cuddling a loved one
  37. Watching TV – pure escapism for most – getting hypnotized by the bix in teh corner of the room
  38. Playing games – electronic or traditional board and card games.
  39. Martial Arts
  40. Cooking/baking
  41. Crafts & making
  42. Drawing and painting
  43. The sound of a loved one laughing
  44. Self hypnosis – obviously one of my favourites 🙂


You could break some of these down even further but hopefully they have triggered some ideas for you.  Please share your favourite way to relax or even share a photo of you relaxing and unwinding (if appropriate) on social media using #RelaxAndUnwind.

Now go have some fun unplug, switch off, relax and unwind.

All the best


“What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve”

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