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Spring Clean Your Mind

Spring Clean Your Mind and Your Life.

As well as being the International Day of Happiness today, it’s also the first day of spring here in the northern hemisphere.

Spring is such a wonderful time of year, the birds are singing, flowers are blossoming, even the sun is starting to make the occasional appearance, although as I’m writing this it’s raining outside! (But it’s all good, everything needs water to grow).

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” Robin Williams

Regardless of the weather, there is definitely a sense of spring in the air, a time in nature for change and growth.

It’s also a time of year when we give our homes a spring clean, any many look to spring clean their body and get in shape ready for the summer.

This is all great, but what if you applied some of the same principles to your mind and your life.

What if you could spring clean your mind, get rid of some of your mind clutter, finish or release and let go of unfinished tasks and projects.

Do you have any negativity, or unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours you would like to spring clean from your mind, or your life?

Imagine you could develop your mindset this spring, like nature reawakening!

What would you like to change, or improve about your mindset, the quality of thinking and your focus?

5 tips spring clean your mind

5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Mind and Your Life

1 – Get tidy – Tidy your physical space and clean out your clutter, have a good sort out, get rid of any unwanted old stuff and to make room for the new in your life.
Clear space = clear mind

2 – Do lists – Organize yourself, your time and your tasks by creating do – lists, overcome overwhelm but getting as much out of your head as possible, and create do –lists of things you are actually going to do, and then action them.

3 – Digital Detox – enjoy having a digital detox , unplug from technology and social media, have some downtime, create some headspace to relax and unwind.

4 – Come to your senses, take some time to connect with nature and your senses, get out of your own head, naturally. Start by lifting your head up and look around you, as the old saying goes, stop and smell the flowers.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why it’s called the present.” Bill Keane

5 – Focus – Focus and Filter out and be mindful of what and who you allow into your life and your mindset, after all;

“Garbage in garbage out”.

“Nothing lives in your head rent free”.

Focus and allow yourself regular time to reflect and focus on what you’re grateful for, and develop your gratitude attitude.

There’s just a few simple ways for you to spring clean your mind and your life, and as I mentioned at the beginning, today is also the International Day Of Happiness – if you could do anything today, or with your life, that would make you happy, what would you do?

We become what we think about, so allow yourself time to focus on the good things in your life, but also allow yourself to get playful with your thinking and wonder what you ideal day, week and life would look like. – Have some fun with this and open your mind to the possibility.

Remember every day is a fresh start to refocus, to develop yourself, to grow and to move forward. So start changing your thinking, when you change your thinking and everything else follows.

All the best

Christian Baker

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