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Take 5 To Relax And Calm Your Mind


Do you ever struggle with stress, anxiety or an overactive busy mind?

Coming up in this episode I’m going to share with you how you can quickly and easily re-set your mind.



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So many of us struggle with overwhelm, stress and a busy mind, I know I often do and so do many of the clients I work with.  One of things I do with my clients is to help them establish strategies to help them find ways of getting into a better state of mind, to help them find a better way of thinking and feeling.

One of the easiest strategies I share with my clients, that I personally use over the years, is to stop and take 5!

  Take 5 to refocus, reset and relax your mind.

  1. Stop & take a deep breath
  2. Look up – find something above your eye level to focus on and take a nice deep breathe in and out
  3. Stretch out and roll your shoulders and take a nice deep breathe in and out
  4. Relax your jaw and take a nice deep breathe in and out
  5. Affirm a word of phrase that describes how you want to feel and take a slow deep comfortable breath in and out!

It’s a simple and effective way of elevating your thinking, think of it like changing channel on a TV or radio, you are exercising your freedom of choice to change your mindset.

Taking time to take 5, allows you to get out of your own head, and be mindful and present in the moment, rather than thinking about the past of the future.

And the more you do it, the easier, the more effective and beneficial it will be for you.

I encourage you to do it daily, as often as you can, it’s free to do and it’s quick and simple, but please don’t overlook it for it’s simplicity, just take the time to do it and see how beneficial it feels for you.

You’ve got nothing to lose, but it could potentially have a positive impact for you!

And remember – What your mind believes you will achieve – so think differently, believe in yourself, take action and achieve the life you want!

All the best

Christian Baker

Mindset Coach

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