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The 5 Big Weight Loss Mistakes Overview

Recently I shared my 5 BIG Weight Loss Mistakes that you must know to Lose Weight and Feel Great, and how you can avoid them to help you attain and sustain a natural healthy weight and enjoy a healthier relationship with food, drink and your body!

Today I’m just going to give you an overview of all 5 BIG mistakes, so you can revisit quickly recap anytime you need to remind yourself

Mistake number #1 is Dieting!

Stop Dieting, To increase your chances of losing weight and successfully keeping it off, you must stop going on a DIET.

It’s much more effective to change your mind and adopt a healthier relationship with food, drink, exercise and yourself, helping you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a healthier way of life that suits you and is going to be achievable and sustainable for the rest of your life.

Mistake number #2 Bad Eating habits

This has nothing to do with dieting or exercise, but the one key thing you can do to help yourself is to change your eating habits.

These are my top 6 tips for how you can make simple changes to you eating habits that will support you in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

1 Change the types of food you eat.  Enhance the quality of the foods you, eat less process food and start eating more and more natural, raw, wholesome, nutritious, water rich foods. Don’t look at what you can’t have look at what you can have and see what variety of foods you can add to your clean, lean healthy living.

2 Slow down- one bad habit that has crept into our fast paced modern living, is that most of us eat too fast. So slow down and take your time to actually taste and enjoy your food.  Place your utensils down or if its food you hold in your hand place it down.  As you allow yourself to focus on each mouthful of food and really enjoy the flavour and taste it has to offer.  It’s often quoted that it takes about 20 minutes for our food to register, so eating too fast can often mean we are eating too much, as we override our bodies natural signals that let us know when we are hungry or satisfied.

3 Chew your food thoroughly – combine with number two slowing down, ensure you chew your food thoroughly.  Proper digestion and the fuelling process begins in your mouth and you must remember your tummy doesn’t have teeth,  so chew your food thoroughly as you enjoy each mouthful of delicious food.  This naturally causes you to slow down and also help with digestion.  Next time you eat become aware of how fast you eat and how poorly you chew your food, and slow down and take your time to chew!

4 Leave food – allow yourself to leave food on your plate.  This is probably one of the single biggest habits and behaviours the majority my clients have had over the years – The clean plate syndrome.  This has usually been past down from generation to generation from war times, or earlier years when food was scarce, or maybe times were hard.

But the fact is in western world the habit of clearing your plate and feeling the need to eat everything in front of you, is no longer appropriate or valid.  There is an abundance of food all around us now, and so much food is wasted before it gets to our plates, whatever little you leave isn’t going to make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.

But if you are conscious of waste and would like to do your bit to help, just be mindful of how you can reduce waste, maybe cook less to begin with or recycle where possible and use food already cooked or prepared for different meal.

Either way get into the habit of leaving an amount of food on your plate, it doesn’t really matter what it is, or even how much.  But each time you leave some food you are re-programming and conditioning yourself that it’s ok to leave food on your plate, helping to let go of some outdated habits and beliefs about food that no longer serve you.

5 Portion Control – take some time to asses you portion control especially if you do have trouble leaving food on your plate, it may be that you can help yourself simply by reducing the portion size to begin with. Even if you’re ok with leaving food on your plate, check out your portion sizes, it maybe something you can change.

Often our life can change, maybe we become less active, yet we still eat as much as we used to when we were more active, like the professional or even amateur sportsman who retires or stops playing, yet they still keep consuming as much as when they were actively playing.

6 Going back to basics – Go back to basics and eat for fuel, for nourishment and nutrition.  Too often we eat for other reasons than real genuine hunger, we can find ourselves eating in response to emotions, they can be positive or negative emotions, you may find that you eat out of habit, when you are happy, celebrating, but also when we are bored, stressed or unhappy.  You need to learn and become aware of the difference between real physical hunger and false emotional, psychological hunger.

Mistake number #3 Inactivity

The missing piece of the weight loss puzzle for so many people seeking to lose weight and that is Inactivity.

Most people already know the most effective strategy to help yourself to lose weight and feel great is to increase you daily activity, but the question is, are you doing anything about it?

Most of us put too much emphasis on the input, the food that we eat, if we only put as much time and energy into out output, how active we are, then we would be so much better off.

So stop putting so much focus on just food, remember to move your body more every day, little changes can make big difference!

Ask yourself the question now

“How can I be more active and enjoy it?”

See how many different forms of activity you can come up with.

Mistake number #4 is making it all about the FOOD!

Instead focus some of your attention on being aware and changing your fluid intake – and start to increase your intake of fresh water!

Often de-hydration is confused with hunger, so drinking water, little and often will keep you hydrated and regulate your appetite.

Here’s my 5 Easy Tips for helping you to easily increase your water intake

1) Make water accessible – always keep a bottle with you.

2) Get organized and plan ahead – ensure you have a good supply available, especially when you are out and about.

3) Naturally flavour some of your water, add some fruit maybe a slice or squeeze of lemon or lime.

4) Supplement your water intake with eating water rich foods

5) Develop reminders, set a timer to remind yourself to drink, combine it with daily tasks, maybe every time you look at your phone or check your social media. Or maybe that would be too much! J

Mistake number #5 ignoring your Weight Loss Blueprint, your mindset!

What is your current Weight Loss blueprint?

If losing weight was as easy as eating less and moving more, why do so many people struggle?

Most of the clients I work with say they know what they should and shouldn’t be doing – but can’t seem to be able to do it. And that’s because even with all their good intentions to change, they neglect to address and change their mindset that controls their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, conditioning and habits around food, drink, exercise and our self image.

What is your current Weight Loss blueprint?

Once you know where you are starting from then you can change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, break free of the diets trap and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, where there is no forbidden food, so you can eat what you want, when you want, but only as much as your body needs. Effectively you are eating only to fuel your body in the quantities that are right for you.

Then ask yourself…

Why do I what to lose weight?

No-one just wants to lose weight for the sake of it, it’s what the result will do for you and how it will make you feel.  But usually little, or no attention is given to the “why”, so take a few moments for yourself now, to think, picture, imagine and focus on what it is you are looking forward to the most and why that is so important to you.

Whatever your reason focus on it now, as this is your fuel, your driving force to make the transformations necessary in your life and maintain them.

Do you know what you want and why you want it yet?

This is as if you have the unique opportunity to re-programme your weight blueprint!

If you would like some help to re-programme your subconscious blueprint grab your copy of Lose Weight Now and get instant access to this powerful mind re-programming weight loss audio programme.

Wishing you all the success in achieving and maintaining, your ideal weight and remember – What Your Mind Believes You Will Achieve!


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