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What does your future hold?

What does your future hold?

We are getting close to the time of year were many of us start to think about new year’s resolution and goals for the year ahead.

But don’t wait until New Years’ Eve, get a head start and make your goals and plans now, so you can sit back, enjoy the fun and festivities, primed and ready to kick start the New Year. It also give your subconscious time to get to work and come up with ways to help make it happen.

But before you look at your plans and aspirations, I want you to take some time out to reflect on the previous 12 months.  This is your opportunity to celebrate your wins, successes, highlights and learn from other experiences.

If we don’t, review what’s happened, without realising it we can carry forward into the next chapter the negative energy, disappointment, into the next chapter, which can weigh us down and get in the way and hold us back.

Now you have let go and learnt from the year you’ve had, it’s time get our crystal balls out and look into the future.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln

Close your eyes (wait a minute – I haven’t finished yet!) and allow your mind to drift forward in time. See yourself in a year’s time. Let’s call this person YOU+1.

Now, in this reality, we have access to every possible future. Every choice you make sends your future self down a different path – some good, some bad, and some wonderful.

Seek out the wonderful ones. Look for a YOU+1 who has achieved everything you dream of. Now let the power of your imagination bring that YOU+1 to life.

Imagine having a conversation and finding out exactly why YOU+1 is so happy. What has been happening that is so good?

Then ask YOU+1 questions:

How did you get where you are today? When did things start to go so right? Who helped you? How did you achieve each step of the route? Where does YOU+1 see the future going? What mistakes did YOU+1 make that you can avoid?

What you are doing is adding flesh to a imaginary image. The more real you can make YOU+1 the more easily you can get on to the same route yourself.

The power of you mind to create reality from imagination should never be underestimated.

Disneyland was just an idea once.

Bill Gates became the richest guy around by imagining a PC on every desk.

Whatever a man believes, so he becomes.

achieve anything


You can achieve anything you set your mind to, you first have to believe it’s possible, face your fears and take consistent action! 

So welcome YOU+1 into your life and truly believe that YOU+1 is You plus one year. Now what are you going to do over the next 365 days to make that a reality?

What can you do today that your future self will thank you for?

Just Imagine What You Can Achieve…

Choose, Decide and Take Action!

All the best




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