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What Makes You Happy

What makes you happy?

So today is apparently Blue Monday, a day when many people feel down and low, due to an accumulation of reasons including failed new years resolutions, bad weather conditions, lack of sunlight, the amount of time since Christmas, post-Christmas bills and weight gain, oh and the fact that it’s Monday and many dislike Monday, because it means going back to work after the weekend.

Blue Monday is the 3rd Monday in January, it was apparently created by a travel company for PR, to encourage people to book their summer holidays. Whether this day is a myth or reality, I think it’s fair to say many struggle around this time year.

But I don’t want you to focus on what makes you down, instead I want you to take this as an opportunity to refocus on what actually makes you happy, after all we get more of what we focus on.

One of the simplest reasons people don’t enjoy more happiness is because they haven’t taken the time to think about what actually makes them happy. Once you know, you can make it happen and enjoy being happier more often.

This is a great opportunity to go through The 3 W’s for Making Positive Change and Improvements in Your Life. 

Step 1 Where – Where are you now, or more precisely what currently makes you happy, unhappy, on a scale of 1-10 how happy are you?

Step 2 What – what do you want, get clear and decide on what you want? What makes you happy? What does happiness mean to you? On a scale of 1-10 how happy would you like to be?

Step 3 Why – why do you want to be happy or happier, what difference will this make to you, your life and the people around, and why is this so important to you?What will be some of the positive consequences of achieving this outcome?

Once you get clear on your why, and connect to the positive consequences, it charges and fuels your momentum to make it happen.

Resistance to do and feel anything, is because of lack of clarity, you haven’t got clear enough yet as to why you want to be happier, so the clearer you are, the easier it will be to make it happen!

This may sound obvious, but too often we focus on what doesn’t make us happy, that we lose sight of what actually makes us happy.

The other mistake people often make in their pursuit for happiness, is chasing or pinning their happiness on something, or someone external.

Often I work with clients looking for a new job, new relationship, new house, new outfit or even a desire to live in a new country to make them happy, but unfortunately once the short term gratification and happiness fades, they are left with the same underlying thoughts and feelings.

So the real pursuit of happiness lies in connecting to what really makes you happy inside.  It’s not to say you can’t enjoy happiness from external factors, just that you’re not relying on them to make you happy. Instead they boost and reinforce you’re real genuine happiness, which can be an enjoyable bonus!

If you really want to achieve more happiness go through the 3 W’s and spend more time, thinking about and spending time doing the things that make you smile and be happy. Here’s a few questions to help get you thinking differently;

Who do you enjoying spending time with?

Who or what makes you laugh the most?

What’s the funniest joke you can think of?

What is your favourite Happy song?

What are your top 3 Happiest memories?

What are some of your most enjoyable pastimes that make you happy?

Some simple changes to your thinking can improve how you feel.  Change your thinking and everything follows, start to think differently and spend more time focusing on what makes you happy!

Keep smiling, think happy and be happy!

Pop over to my Facebook page or Twitter and let me know what makes you happy.

What your mind believes you will achieve,

All the best


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