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Half way through the year already

How will you begin the 2nd half of 2015?

Can you believe six months of this year has gone already!

The important question now is, how will you begin the 2nd half of 2015, what action will you take to achieve your goals and make this your best year yet?

Are you completely satisfied with your life, and the progress you are making?

This half way point of the year is a perfect time stop, review and reflect on your progress so far, are you where you want to be, do you need to course correct, refocus and get back on track.

Have you been struggling with some area of your life?
Would you like to make a personal change and transformation?

The two main reasons people struggle to make any lasting change, is because of overwhelm and inaction.

We often know what to do but we don’t do anything about it. Maybe it’s because we set ourselves a big goal, but we don’t believe it’s really possible, or we don’t figure out how we’re going to achieve it, so we don’t do anything, or we procrastinate and put it off, or keep ourselves busy with activities instead of positive actions.

I have a challenge for you…

I’d like you to think about it differently and approach it differently.

Let’s break it down, there are 44640 minutes in July, how are you going to enjoy and make the most of yours?

Is there something you would like to achieve, a positive habit you would like to develop?

I’d like to set you the 28 Day Success Challenge, so you can apply this to any month. Plus it’s often stated that to make any change it takes on average 14 – 21 days to form a habit and make a change, so 28 days gives you more than enough time to form an embed a positive change and success habits.

Your thoughts and your actions move you either closer or further away from the goals and life you want. So…

What one thing can you do to move you forward?

Make a decision and do it every day for 28 days, its simple!

Small actions will grow to make real change and help create momentum and build a positive habit of success.

I’ve previously mention about the power of the 1% principle and the compounding effects of making small improvements.

Now ask yourself…

What one thing can I do to positively move forward?

Make your commitment publicly, go over to my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page using  #28DayChallenge, or do it on your own status and declare what you are doing for the next 28 days.

It really doesn’t matter to other’s what it is, how big or small it may seem to someone else, just do it for you.

Choose, Commit and Just do it!

Maybe you would like to do something to help you;

Improve your health
Increase your fitness
Read more
Relax more
Socialise more
Change jobs

These are all great, but to help you actually do it, you need to break it down into small  tangible, realistic actions steps.

For example my July 28 Day Challenge is to walk at least 10,000 steps every day.

I’m doing this for two reasons, walking is a good switch off and downtime for me and it’s often stated that the average adult needs to do 10,000 steps every day to keep fit and healthy. I think there’s more to it that, but it’s still an important factor that most of us can improve upon.

I do quite a lot of walking, taking the dog out and just running around after the kids. But since getting an app on my phone it’s been interesting to see how many steps I actually do, particularly on those busy client days where I’m sitting down most of the time and not moving much at all.

But for the month of July I’m going to walk at least 10,000 steps every day.

Will you join me or are you ready to create your own 28 Day success challenge?

The reality is what gets measured gets done and you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  So you need to commit to a time, quantity and frequency and only then can you track your own progress.

If you are working towardChooseDay Focuss a goal, or battling with anxiety or negative thoughts, simply make a commitment to focus on what you actually want, even if it’s just for a minute a day. I called this the Magic Minute.  Decide what time is best for you, set your timer and focus your thoughts and imagination on what you want. You’ll be amazed and how much you can achieve and what a difference this can make.


If your challenge is to read more, decide how much, or how long you want to read for, is it for 30 minutes, or a chapter, whatever you decide commit to it and do it.

You must make a choice or things will never change!

What will you choose to change or improve over the next 28 days?

We all have the same 672 hours or 40320 minutes in the next 28 days, and they will pass by no matter if you take the challenge or not, but you can decide if you want to look back happy with the progress you have made, or frustrated with yet another month gone by with everything staying the same or worse!

Remember you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, decide if you are playing to win or playing not to lose, step up and just go for it!

It’s your life you can do it, go on make it happen!

Christian Baker

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