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Align Your Actions With Your Goals

Is there is something you would like to change, or improve in your life, is there something you’re trying to achieve, then let me ask you a question..

Are you really doing everything you could possibly do, to help make it happen?

Are your actions in alignment with your goals?

Coming up I’m going to share a simple exercise to help you get clear and really decide if you’re really doing everything you can!

So, is there is something you would like to change, or improve in your life, and are you doing everything you possibly can?

Through the countless conversations I’ve had with clients, everyone wants to achieve something, that’s why they’ve come to see me, but when you get talking to them and dig a little deeper, they’re not always doing everything they can to help make it happen.

So, my question to you is, if there is something you would like to achieve are your actions, your habits, your behaviours in alignment with the very things you’re trying to achieve?

I have an exercise I share with my clients to help them have that really honest conversation with themselves and it’s to ask themselves, if we could follow them around with a film crew for a week, or 2 and then we sat down to review the footage,  what would it show us, would the footage reflect the achievements you say you want to achieve?

Are your habits, actions and behaviours moving you towards the things you want or further away from it.

So, if you’re not where you want to be yet, have that honest conversation with yourself now, look around think about what you’re doing daily and ask yourself;

Are you doing everything you possibly can?

If not, what do you need to change?

There’re 3 questions you can ask yourself to help, they are;

What do I need to Stop doing?

What do I need to keep doing?

What do I need to start doing?

You now know what you can do consistently, that will help move you closer to the outcomes and the life that you want.

Answer these questions, and make it happen!

Your Action Step – your action for today is to ask yourself, are you doing everything possible, to help create the life you want happen?

Click here to leave a comment below the video and let me know what you’re going to change and do differently from this day forward.

And remember what your mind believes you will achieve – so think differently, believe in yourself, take action and you can achieve the life you want!

All the best






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