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What is Hypnosis And How Does It Work?

Would you like to know what Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy actually is, how it works and how it feels?

As a full time, professional Hypnotherapist and Mindset Performance Coach for over 16 years, hypnosis is still one of the most effective techniques I utilise, to help clients to make change and improvements in their life, and one of the question’s I get asked most often is;

How does it work and what does it feel like?

So, in this video I’m going to share with you from the years of experience of working with thousands of clients, a simplified overview and explanation of What Hypnosis is, and How hypnosis works?



In our mind, there’s two part’s that we need to be aware of, here’s a previous video where I explain more about the power of the mind and how the mind works

In summary, we have the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is like the tip of the iceberg, your logic, your intellect, the rational thinking part of your mind, the part that people can make the decision to make a change but knowing it and wanting it only takes you so far.

That’s because your subconscious is the other 90% and that’s the part of your mind we’re more interested in when we utilise hypnosis for change.

But it’s important to be clear, hypnosis is only part of it, it’s only a tool, a technique, an approach for helping to access the subconscious mind, to help you make a change and transformation.

The level of awareness allows us to bypass the conscious mind to open up the subconscious, to help make the changes you desire at that level of awareness.

But what is hypnosis and what does it feel like?

Because of the way hypnosis is often portrayed on TV, or in movies, it often looks like it’s some kind of magical, mystical, spooky mind control, and this is not the case. In fact, it’s the complete opposite, it’s a heightened level of awareness, you’re more aware than you normally are.

You are not asleep, or unconscious, you’re fully aware and in control of everything the whole time. In fact, it’s such a natural level of awareness, that’s also similar to other natural levels of awareness that you have experienced many times throughout your day, let alone in your entire life.

Think about times on a journey, either as the driver, or a passenger, when you go into your own world, and you lose track of parts of the journey, where perhaps you can’t remember passing, or getting to a certain point.

In this context you’re wide awake, you’re fully aware, but all that’s happens is you’ve gone into a daydreamy like state where your attention has narrowed and gone into a more focused level of awareness. You are still wide awake, your eyes are open, and you’re aware of everything, if the car in front you suddenly put its brakes on, you instantly react, or if you arrived at your destination, you don’t stay stuck in that level of awareness until someone lets you know you’ve arrived.

This natural level of awareness is very similar to what hypnosis is, the only difference is that as a hypnotherapist one of my roles is to guide you through some steps, to help achieve and replicate a similar level of awareness, because at that level of awareness your subconscious is more open and receptive to change, as long as it’s for your benefit.

This is key, as long as it’s for your benefit, you will always have the ability to respond to change, as much as you can resist it. So, it’s so important you are ready and motivated for change for it to be effective.

So, think about that natural daydreamy like state you have experienced, may be when you’ve been so engrossed in your work, reading a book, watching a good film, or TV show, staring at an open fire, or admiring a beautiful landscape, or even going for a walk or a run, running is another occasion were people often describe going in to a different level of awareness, a trance like state.

The main difference is, my role is to guide people into that level of awareness, rather than waiting for it to happen by chance.

But if all you do is experience that level of awareness, it will be beneficial for you, as most people find it comfortable and relaxing, and that’s fantastic and helpful for people who are struggling with stress and anxiety, tension and pain. Because you can’t be comfortable and relaxed and be experiencing those negative feelings as well.

So, as a side effect that level of awareness can be hugely beneficial for most people, as most of us don’t take enough time to switch off, to relax and unwind enough. So anytime you can relax is going to be beneficial for you, as it gives you the opportunity to experience some headspace and clarity, along with the opportunity to feel rested and recharged.

But in terms of making any change or transformation, it’s the transformational work we do while you’re in that level of awareness that’s most important, not just the level of awareness. If I was to hypnotise you and do nothings else, apart from being comfortable and relaxed, nothing is really going to change.

So, in terms of what you should expect to feel like when you’re going through the process, there’s no right or wrong, it can be different for everybody, it changes from one moment to the next from one experience to another. Sometimes when I work with clients they say it feels as if they’re just sitting there with their eyes closed while they listen, and that’s absolutely fine, others say they feel deeply profound relaxed and they’re not actually listening, and that’s fine too.

Some say they continue to have thoughts come in and out of their mind, other’s will say it feels as if their mind was quiet and relaxed. Either is absolutely fine, all you have to do is just go with the flow, knowing it can change from one moment to the next.

So, don’t have any great expectations of what you should or shouldn’t feel, but it’s like anything, the more you do it the easier it gets and the more comfortable it feels.

If you have experienced any of those natural daydreamy like states that I was referring to earlier, or experienced any formal type of meditation, mindfulness, listened to a guided relaxation audio, then this is already going to feel very familiar to you.

Which is why sometimes people often say they don’t know whether they have or haven’t been hypnotised, because it’s already very familiar to them. The first time I was ever formally hypnotised, I just said to the chap at the end, that’s just the same as the meditation we do at the end of yoga class.

And it is very similar, but for me the main difference is when people do things like formal relaxation, meditation, guided relaxation, mindfulness, they’re looking to achieve that quiet stillness of mind, whereas with hypnotherapy we’re looking to utilise that level of awareness to help you make changes at that level of awareness where all of your programming, your thoughts, feelings, habits, beliefs, attitude’s and behaviour patterns are looked after and controlled.

So, in summary What is hypnosis, it’s a natural level of awareness, there’s no right, or wrong to how it feels for you, you’re not asleep or unconscious, it’s just a different level of awareness that allows you and helps you to make change that you want to make.

I hope that helps to give you a better awareness of what hypnosis is and how it works and has demystified some of the misconceptions that often come along with hypnosis.

If you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment below the video, or send me a message on social media, or e-mail me and I’ll happily do my best to answer that for you.

Remember – What your mind believes you will achieve – so think differently, believe in yourself, take action and achieve the life you want!

All the best











Master Your Mind e-course Plus Relax and Unwind mp3 audio

Your details are safe with me, I will never share or sell your details.

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