Would You like to Lose Weight and Feel Great?

Would you like to lose weight and feel great, without going on a diet and still eat what you want?

Are you sick and tired of struggling with your weight:

  • Does your weight affect your mood and energy levels?
  • Does your weight affect your confidence?
  • Do you feel less attractive because of your weight?
  • Does your weight influence where you shop and the clothes you wear?
  • Does your Weight hold you back from being more sociable?
  • Is your weight affecting you medically?

If you have ever tried to lose weight, gone on diets, then you’ll know how difficult it can be…

Well it doesn’t have to be that difficult there is an easy and effective solution for you.

You Can Lose Weight And Feel Great – 4 Week Weight Management Programme.

Learn how you can change your mindset to help you Lose Weight Easily and Effectively.

“Unless you change the way you think about yourself and the food you eat, you are unlikely to lose weight and keep it off!”

Would you like to lose weight without going on a diet and still eat what you want?

During the 4 week programme you will learn how to easily reach and maintain your ideal size, shape and weight for good, but without going on another diet!


“After 40ish years of dieting, I feel I have now found the answer to losing weight and being in control!”

“I have become more positive, more active and less stressed about food and drink, I’m really enthusiastic and excited!”

“I’m eating properly for the first time ever and choosing healthy foods, even when stressed or fed up”

“I’m exercising more and no longer thinking about the next meal all the time”

Would you like to discover how you can:

  • Stop obsessing about food.
  • Eliminate unwanted bad eating habits.
  • Stop cravings and overeating.
  • Ditch the diets for good
  • Increase your motivation to exercise.
  • Feel Happy & Confident with the way you look.
  • Enjoy a healthier relationship with food


If you are sick and tired of struggling with your weight then help is at hand…

During the 4 week programme

We will have four 50 minute 1-2-1 consultations at my Harley Street offices, tailored to you and your individual needs, helping you to lose weight and feel great naturally and easily

Using the natural power of your own mind I can help you lose weight easily and effectively, without going on another diet and discover powerful mind programming techniques to help you:

  • Manage Cravings & emotional eating
  • Increase Your Motivation
  • Break unwanted Eating Habits
  • Lose weight & maintain it!

I’ve distilled the best bits from the hundreds of individuals and groups I’ve worked with over the last 12 years and put it all together into this programme, to help you lose weight and feel great!

These powerful sessions are designed to help you re-programme your mind to change your relationship towards food and exercise now and forever. Allowing you achieve and maintain your desired size, shape and weight, whilst enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

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Is this right for you?

I only select a limited number of new clients per month. This is because of the intensive nature of my sessions and I want every client to receive the fullest benefit possible.

To ensure this is right for you, why not take advantage of FREE 15 minute no obligation “Discovery Call” – so we can both discover if this is right for you.

Once you are accepted onto this programme we will agree your objectives for your programme and specifically tailor the sessions to you and your individual needs.

To arrange Your Free Discovery Call please click on the yellow  “Yes I want my Discovery Call” button now.


“This programme has given me the motivation and power to achieve my goals”

“I am very positive, I’m eating healthy, have more motivation and will power and exercising more”

“This programme has way past my expectations, I’ve stopped eating rubbish, started to exercise more, Drink more water as I never used to drink water!”

“I feel very enthusiastic and in control of my eating, I’m exercising more, drinking water, eating less and moving more, thank you!”