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Refresh Your Mind

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind

Could you benefit from spring cleaning your mind and your life?

Spring is such a wonderful time in nature for awakening, for growth, for change and transformation.

In this episode, I’m going to share with you five ways that you can help yourself to spring clean and de-clutter your mindset, your thinking and your life.

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Number one is to have a self-audit.  Have an honest conversation and check in with yourself and ask yourself, are your thoughts and your actions,  is your current mindset working with you, is it moving you in the direction that you want to be going, or in an opposite direction.

Ask yourself, is there anything that you need to stop doing?

Is there anything you need to start doing, to help you achieve the life and the goals that you want?

So, the first step to do anything, is always to stop, to pause, to have a check-in and see where you currently are and see where you are starting from and what direction you are going.


Number two is come to your senses, unplug from the busy-ness of life, from the day to day demands of life, from technology from, from negativity and come to your senses.

I mean this in a couple of different ways.

Firstly, it could be to become aware of your current position, your current status and where your life is heading.  Becoming aware of your current mindset, are your thoughts and habits working for you or  against you.

But, I also mean for you to take the time to come to your senses, to actually stop for a moment and naturally get out of your own head and tune into your senses.

Notice things around you, what you can see, what you can hear, what you can feel, and you can do this right here and now.

You can go for a walk and really connect to nature and utilize your senses to tune into the things around you as you walk.

You can do it in your own thoughts and just daydream and think about a pleasant scene, or a time that’s pleasing and appealing to you and just tune into what it is about that scene, that feels so wonderful for you.

Look around and explore it in your own mind, and just allow yourself the reset by simply coming to your senses.

You can do that in more formal ways as well. You can listen to a meditation, or one of my self-hypnosis audios, or you could practice a mindfulness breathing, just something that gets you out of your own head and allows you to be present in the moment.

This will help you to come to your senses, de-clutter your mind and have that mindset reset.

This allows you to spring clean and clear thoughts of whatever is going on in your life right now. It’s almost like a way of helping you to reboot and recharge mentally, physically, and emotionally, by coming to your senses.

Number three Is have a clear out of your clutter,  clean up and clear out your physical space.

But also spring clean and clear out any unfinished, incomplete tasks, or jobs that you have hanging over you.

You’ll be amazed how much of a negative drain, how much of an impact it has on your headspace when your environment’s untidy, when your environments messy, but also when you have those incomplete unfinished tasks hanging over you.

So, start off by having a sort out and a tidy up.  It could be clearing out your wardrobe, your desk, your junk draw,  your handbag or wallet, your car.  Wherever you chose to start, simply start to tidy your physical space and have a good clear out.

Then look at any tasks, or jobs you have outstanding,  make a list of them and just start working your way through them and notice what a positive difference it has, as it clears some space in your mind, where you can focus your attention and energy towards more important, more enjoyable things.

Number Four is to shift your focus.

One of the best ways to help yourself to have a mind spring clean is to shift your focus.

Be aware of your focus,  are you focused towards the things you want, or the things you don’t want?

Are you focused towards negative things, or are you paying attention to the good things?

Are you focused on nurturing and encouraging and empowering yourself, your thoughts and your mindset?

If not, stop and shift your focus away from the things that you don’t want in your life.The things that you’re not happy with, the things that you don’t enjoy and spend some time every day, focusing your thoughts and your attention towards the things that you do.

Stop and reflect every day on something that’s encouraging, empowering, and uplifting to you and your mindset.

Simply shift your focus and pay more attention to the things that you do want, rather than the things that you don’t want.

Number Five is clean up your language, mind your language.

Your language has such a direct impact on your mindset.

So, spring clean your language, clear out the negativity from your inner dialogue, your self-talk, your internal chatter.  Be aware of what your current language is and if needed, shift it towards things that are more supportive and encouraging.

Remember, your mind is always listening, so it’s not just the spoken word out loud, but it’s also the spoken word that we entertain and allow in our minds that we need to be aware of.

So, if your language, if the questions you use, aren’t supportive and encouraging, then change it.

I often say to my clients, if you spoke to a loved one the way you speak to yourself in your own head, would that be acceptable?

The answer is usually no, we wouldn’t dream of speaking to anyone else the way we speak to ourselves.

So, do yourself a favour and stop talking to yourself that way and start being more supportive, more positive, supportive and  more encouraging with the language and the internal chat that you have with yourself.

Also start asking yourself better quality questions.

You know, the questions we ask ourselves, either direct us towards, or away from the things that you want.

For example, do you wake up in the morning and focus and think about what could go wrong that day?

Or do you wake up and tell yourself,

Today’s going to be a good day.

The words we use matter, don’t overlook the power of words, change and upgrade your words, ask yourself better quality questions and notice what a difference that makes for you.

So, clean up and change your language.

There you go,  you now have five ways to help you to spring clean and unclutter, your mindset, your thoughts, your feelings, and your focus.

Get in touch, drop me a message, leave a comment and let me know what you have taken away from this episode. And how are you going to help yourself have that spring clean, to help you to improve your mindset and your life.

Remember spring is a good time to refresh your mind, but you can do this at any time during the year.

Every now and again, have a word with yourself, check back in and utilize these five ways to help you to spring clean your mind and keep yourself focused in the direction that you would like to go.

Always remember what your mind believes you will achieve, so allow yourself to think differently, to believe in yourself, to take action, so you can achieve the life and the goals that you want.

Go on… You can do it!

All the best

Mindset Coach


P.S If you would like some help to refresh your mind, to give your mind a spring clean, then head over to my website, Christian, where you can grab a free copy of my relax and unwind mindset reset audio.  Have a listen and let me know how you get on.

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