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Focus More On What Makes You Happy

Change Your Focus Change Your Life! Do you spend more time thinking and worrying about the things that go wrong, the mistakes you make and the things you don’t want? Or, do you think more about good times, special moments, happy times, reflecting on wonderful memories? Coming up in this episode I share with you […]

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Goals

  Have you ever set a goal but failed to achieve it, or given up at the first hurdle? Well it might not be your fault! Coming up I share 5 of the most common goal setting mistakes and how you can avoid them;   Listen to the podcast episode Over years of working with […]

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How To Stay Focused On Your Goals – Word Of The Week

Learn How To Stay Focused On Achieving Your Goals. Would you like to know how you can stay focused on achieving your goals and the life that you want.   Coming up in the episode I’m going to share with you one simple way you can easily help yourself stay focused.   you can also […]

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10 Things You Can Stop Doing To Improve Your Life

How To Change Your Life For The Better Are you happy? Is there something you would like change, or improve in your life? Then stay tuned, as I share with you 10 Things You Can Stop Doing to Improve Your Life   Here’s the podcast episode; So often people say they want change this, or […]

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Guided Meditation For Relaxation

Guided Relaxation Meditation   Do you need to de-stress? Do you struggle to relax and swicth off? Would you benefit from learning to relax more?   Then please enjoy this free complimentary guided Relaxation Mediation to help you relax and unwind… You can also listen to the audio in this podcast episode. Give yourself just […]

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Take 5 To Relax And Calm Your Mind

  Do you ever struggle with stress, anxiety or an overactive busy mind? Coming up in this episode I’m going to share with you how you can quickly and easily re-set your mind.     Listen to the podcast episode So many of us struggle with overwhelm, stress and a busy mind, I know I […]

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In just a few minutes you can improve any aspect of your life quickly and easily with these instant downloads


This Self Hypnosis Personal Development Programme introduces you to the Natural wonders of Self Hypnosis. This programme is designed to show...

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This programme is designed to help you programme your mind to enhance your optimum level of awareness to ability to learn and recall with co...

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This Sleep Deeply and Soundly Audio programme is designed to help you re-programme your mind to naturally sleep soundly, deeply and peaceful...

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This Calm and Comfortable Flying Audio Programme is designed to help you re-program your mind to increase your confidence to fly calm and co...

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This Stop Smoking Personal Development Audio Program is designed to help you re-program your mind to Stop the Smoking habit now and for the ...

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This Weight Management Personal Development Program is designed to help you re-program your mind to change your relationship towards food an...

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Would You Like To Change Or Improve Something About Your Life?

If there was something YOU could change or improve about YOUR life…

What would it be?

As an Internationally Qualified and Registered Hypnotherapist I offer a confidential service, offering fast effective safe solutions helping you stop the things you don’t want and start to enjoy and achieve the things you do.

Maybe you want to change or overcome something, or maybe your life is already good but you would just like to improve something, or some area of your life.

I can help you with the following and more quickly & easily:

  • Stop Smoking– you can stop smoking in a pain free, symptom free session.   You never need to crave a cigarette again, No weight gain. Feel healthier quickly.
  • Increase Performance in your Business, Education, Life or Sport – I can help you improve your performance, create the winners mentality, and help you discover your full potential. Whether you are looking to improve your sale results, your public speaking skills or improve your scores and performance in your chosen field.
  • Eliminate Anxiety, Bad Habits, Fear, Stress, Phobias & Panic Attacks – are any of these ruining or interfering with your life.   Discover how you can overcome or manage these with simple and quick sessions.
  • Increase confidence and self esteem – Gain extraordinary self confidence and achieve the life that you want, Discover your full potential in Sport, business and life!
  • Lose weight – change the way you think about food and exercise forever and lose weight naturally and easily.
  • Relief from Insomnia, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Sexual Dysfunction – Are you sick and tired of suffering, I can help you return to a happier, healthier, more active lifestyle with a much better quality of life.
  • Fertility Issues, Increase your Chances of Conception – Have you been trying to get pregnant, discover how you can maximize your chances of conceiving naturally and/or increase the success of medical assistance.
  • Improve Exam and Test Results – Learn more effectively, improve retention and recall, increase your grades and pass your next test or exam.   Help is available for Driving Tests, Academic Exams and Professional Career Exams.
This list is by no means exhaustive, I effectively work with a wide range of issues, so if you are wondering if I can help you, please feel free to contact me now and ask.



“By Simply and Easily Changing Your Mind. You Can Change Your Life!”

…Just Imagine What You Can Achieve!


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Kind Feedback
I went to Christian for help, as most of you know I was going blank on the live shows and forgetting lyrics. After doing it once I wa

Tamera Foster
X Factor Finalist 2013

Working with Christian Baker has transformed my life. That may sound a little over the top as my life wasn't bad before but now it is

Maria Costello

I was expecting to be put under some kind of 'trance', but it wasn't like that at all... it was all about relaxing the mind & pos

Gethin Jones
TV Presenter

I worked with Christian in the run up to both 2011 and 2012 World Championships.  I had been on the cusp of success for a few years

Jo Redman
WKC World Kickboxing Champion

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