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Are you ready to change or improve something in your life?

Is there something you would like to Achieve?

 I’m guessing you’re here because you want to make a personal transformation in your life.

Maybe your feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or stuck in your life and need some clarity

Maybe you are sick and tired of not living up to your potential

Maybe you’re going through a transition in your life, career or relationship

Or maybe you are ready to be the best you can be and want to achieve something in your life.

My primary focus is to help you be the best that you can be, so that you can achieve the life and the goals that you want.

There are 4 ways I can help you;

  1 – Free Stuff

Visit my social media pages Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily inspiration, motivation and encouragement.

Browse my free weekly content, on my Blog, YouTube channel and podcast – The Achieve Podcast.

There  you will find numerous tips, techniques and strategies to help you change and develop your mindset, improve your mind fitness and help you achieve your personal best.

Enrol in my free video mini-course, “Master Your Mind” and get a complimentary copy of my Relax & Unwind audio;







    2. Online Courses

I have a variety of online courses available to help you;

Anxiety & Stress SOS

You Can Lose Weight And Feel Great!

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life – Coming soon


    3.  Personal Best Members Club 







e-mail me to get on the waitlist for the next enrolment to the Personal Members Club.


     4. Hypnotherapy & Coaching


Private Hypnotherapy consultations available in person and online.  

Personal Mindset Coaching – I have different levels and programmes available, ranging from my 28 Day Achieve Breakthrough, to my 12 month Elite Achieve Mindset Coaching Programme.






The coaching programmes are designed to help you Achieve Your Personal Best and  support you through your personal transformations in your Life, Sport and Business.

Due to the intensive nature of these programmes, I only have limited availability for new clients, if you would like to apply to work with me 1:1 get in touch and let’s  make sure this is a good fit for you.

Get in touch if you have any questions, I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best






Master Your Mind e-course Plus Relax and Unwind mp3 audio

Your details are safe with me, I will never share or sell your details.

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Kind Feedback
I went to Christian for help, as most of you know I was going blank on the live shows and forgetting lyrics. After doing it once I wa

Tamera Foster
X Factor Finalist 2013

Working with Christian Baker has transformed my life. That may sound a little over the top as my life wasn't bad before but now it is

Maria Costello

I was expecting to be put under some kind of 'trance', but it wasn't like that at all... it was all about relaxing the mind & pos

Gethin Jones
TV Presenter

I worked with Christian in the run up to both 2011 and 2012 World Championships.  I had been on the cusp of success for a few years

Jo Redman
WKC World Kickboxing Champion

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