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Feb 13

What’s Holding You Back – Clear Your Mind And Develop Your Mindset

Would you like to clear your mind and develop your mindset? Have you ever felt like something is holding you back from living to your full potential? In this video I reveal the power of your mind and how you can develop your mindset so you can achieve the life that you want!     […]

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Feb 6

Goal Setting – How To Achieve Your Goals

Would you like to know the number 1 reason why most people never achieve their goals? Stay tuned and as I share how you can achieve the goals and the life that you want!       In a previous post 3 Steps To Achieve Anything In Life  I talked about the lack of clarity and resistance […]

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Jan 30

You Get One Life – Live Your life With No Regrets

  Do you have any regrets? Stay tuned and discover why your regrets could be holding you back from achieving the life you want!     Do you have any regrets, you may well have a few! But you need to be aware that regrets are one of the most damaging and detrimental feelings we […]

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Jan 23

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Achieve Your Goals

3 Steps To Achieve Anything In Life Have you ever set yourself a goal, but still struggled, or even failed to achieve it? Watch the video below as I share with you 3 questions you must ask yourself to help you achieve any goal you want to achieve in life!   I often work with […]

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Jan 16

7 Ways To Increase Your Happiness

Discover 7 Ways To Increase Your Happiness. Would you like to increase more happiness into your life? If so, stay tuned as I share 7 simple ways to boost more happiness into your life!   Previously I’ve asked what makes you happy? And I’ve encouraged your to spend more time doing the things that make you […]

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Jan 9

The Best Self Improvement Books

What Are The Best Personal Development Books To Help Change Your Life? What are the best personal development books to read? This is a question I often get asked, from clients, readers of my blog and on social media. So, are you ready to discover the best Personal Development books that can help change your […]

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Jan 2

Achieve Your Best Year Yet

How To Achieve Your Best Year Ever! Would you like to make this year, your best year yet? Coming up I share how you can get ready to make the new year, your best year yet! Before you do, make sure you’ve checked out my previous video…   This will help you take a debrief […]

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Dec 27

Year Review – Your 2017 Highlights

2017 Lessons, learnings and reflections – 2017 Year Review As we reach the end of the year, stay tuned as I take you through 3 questions to help you review the highlights, as well as your lessons, learnings into the New Year, ready to enjoy your best year yet! Too often we focus too much […]

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Dec 19

How To Have A Stress Free Christmas

3 Tips to have a Stress Free Christmas  Would you like to enjoy a stress free Christmas, below are my 3 top tips to help you avoid Christmas Stress and enjoy a Stress free Christmas.   Christmas can be such a special and magical time of year, but it can also generate a lot of […]

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Dec 12

Ask Yourself Better Questions

How to ask yourself better questions to change and improve your life? Would you like to improve your self confidence, your focus and ultimately a better life? “Life is a reflection of the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.”     What questions do you ask yourself every day? The questions we ask ourselves […]

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Dec 5

What Are Affirmations?

How to use Affirmations effectively. So what are affirmations and how do you use them effectively, in this post and video I share with you the power of affirmations and how you can use them to change your life for the better.     So what are affirmations and how you can use them to […]

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Nov 28

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – You Are Enough! Have you ever compared your life to someone else, only to feel rubbish, insecure or even a failure, stay tuned as I reveal why you should stop comparing yourself to others and why you are good enough! One of the main reasons I see people playing […]

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Nov 21

What Makes You Happy?

Would you like to be happier? I think most people would, I see people from all walks of life and the fundamental underling reason why most people want to change and improve their life, is to enjoy greater happiness.     Although there may not be one secret to happiness in life, one of the […]

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Nov 14

Create The Life You Want – Write Your Own Story

Would you like to create the life you want? So how amazing would it be if you could train your mind to create the life that you want? In this video I’ll share with you a simple strategy, so you can start training your mind to create the life that you want.   We all […]

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Nov 7

Make Better Choices

  Are you enjoying the life you want? If not, watch the video below, as I share the power of choice, and how you can improve your life by making better choices!       So how can you change your life by making better decisions? Firstly we must acknowledge that we can’t always choose […]

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