What Can You Say No To?


The finish line is nearly in sight, can you believe there is just 60 days left of 2022
That means you have 60 days, 1440 hours, 86,400 seconds to make a positive difference.

Yesterday we welcomed the start of November and I asked on social media, is there anything you could say NO to?

What can you say no to, that will make a positive difference to you and help you move closer to achieving you goals in the next 60 days and beyond.

Make a list of everything you ‘d like to say no to

Here’s a few ideas of things you could say no to, to help you improve your life, be more productive and achieve your goals

No to excuses.
No to negative self-talk.
No to wasting time.
No to unhealthy, unwanted habits.
No to drama, or people who like to create drama.
No to people who drain you of time and energy.
No to Social media.

What are things you would like to say Yes to?

On the flip side, I’d also like you to make a list of what you can say Yes to, that will help you finish 2022 strong?

Make a list of everything you ‘d like to say Yes to

Saying yes can change your life, so here’s a few ideas to help get  you started…

Yes to getting started
Yes to daily action
Yes drinking more water
Yes to self care
Yes to going for a walk
Yes to reading
Yes to meditating
Yes to spending time with people that empower and inspirer you
Yes to accepting some help
Yes to investing in yourself
Yes to that person, opportunity, or thing you keep putting off


To go with this post, I’ve created this printable for you, Print it off of this free printable worksheet, grab your journal, or piece of paper and help yourself get focused.

Decide what you will say no to and what you will say yes to and commit to where you are going to choose to put your attention for the next 60 days.

Now commit to taking action, today, this week, the next 60 days and beyond that will make a positive difference in your life and move you towards achieving your goals.

In summary

Decide what you will achieve, Commit to it, and start taking Action every day to make it happen.

Remember the time will pass anyway, so what will you do, that your future self will thank you for!

Get in touch on Instagram or Facebook and let me know what you’re going to say yes and no to.

Wishing you all the best for next 60 days,

Your Mindset and Performance Coach

Grab your free worksheet and help yourself finish 2022 with clarity and focused action.

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