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Nov 23

How’s Your Mind Fitness

How To Improve Your Mental Wellness Would you like to improve your mental wellness? Would you like to be the best that you can be? One thing about mindset is, that so many people don’t realize that it’s something that you can improve and enhance. I think it’s viewed often as something that’s very static, […]

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Nov 19

International Men’s Day

November is Men’s Health month and today is International Men’s Day.  At lunch time I turned the TV on and it was great to see the ITV takeover of Loose Women, for Loose Men. Well done to Marvin Humes, Iain Stirling, Ronan Keating and Roman Kemp, for raising awareness of men’s mental health, it would […]

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Nov 16

You Must Know This To Create The Life You Want

Whatever You Want To Achieve You Must Do This First! To create and achieve the life you want there’s something you must do first! I know this is going to sound simple, but it so important, so please don’t overlook it for how simple it sounds…   Listen to the podcast episode here… The first […]

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Nov 9

Create Habits To Live Your Life On Purpose

Stop Living Life On Autopilot! Change your mindset and your life by creating habits to live your life on purpose. I want to ask you a question. “Are you living your life on autopilot or on purpose?” All too often, we get caught up in the busyness and the demands of day-to-day life, that we […]

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Nov 2

Say No More And Change Your Life

How The Power Of Saying No Can Change Your Life Over the years of working with thousands of clients, one of the things I see people struggle with the most is the ability to simply say no.   Now that might be internally or externally. It might be saying no to an unwanted thought, feelings, […]

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Oct 26

Stop Your B.S – Reprogram Your Belief System

  Get Out Of Your Own Way, Stop Your B.S And Reprogram Your Subconscious Beliefs. Is your BS getting in the way of you being the best that you can be?   Often we reach a time or a point in our life where we want to change, improve, or achieve something, but we find […]

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Oct 19

Reset Your Mind

  Change Your Mindset – Relax and Reset Your Mind And Gain Clarity!    This week, I received a message from a client I haven’t seen for about three years and he simply put, “Christian I need a reset”.   This is fairly common message that I receive from people who’ve got to a point […]

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Oct 12

Shift Your Focus And Change Your Life

I want to share with you, why and how it’s so important to focus your mind, to shift your mindset towards the things that you actually want. When you shift your focus, you can change your mindset and change your life!  For the podcast episode you can listen here; Now, whenever I’m talking with clients, […]

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Oct 5

What Do You Want To Achieve By The End Of The Year

End Of Year Goals – How To Set Goals And Achieve Them So, what would you like to Achieve by the end of the year? Now we’re just approaching the end of the year. Some people look at it that we’ve got three months left, 12 weeks, 90 days. However, you choose to look at […]

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Sep 28

If You Had A Magic Wand What Would You Like To Achieve?

  I have a question for you, If anything was possible and you could wave a magic wand, what would you like to achieve?   To listen to this podcast episode click here; When I work with clients, people often fall into one of two categories, and this is a question I ask both of […]

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Sep 21

What Are You Taking For Granted?

  Change your focus and and change your life! Now we’ve had some really turbulent interesting times in this last year. And one of the things that I think this has highlighted for many people, is how much we take for granted. And I think it’s causing people to have a bit of a reset. […]

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Sep 9

How To Get In The Frame Of Mind To Lose Weight

How to change your mindset to help you lose weight… Over the years I’ve helped so many people to change their mindset to help them lose weight.  I’ve shared lots videos and blog posts with tips and insights for how you can get in the best frame of mind to lose weight.  So, for convenience  […]

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Sep 3

First Day Nerves – Make It A September To Remember

I hope this finds you well? It’s been a busy few days celebrating my sons 14th Birthday and then getting my daughter ready for her first day back to school in nearly 6 months, hopefully we are now on the path to some kind of normality. I shared this video with a client yesterday whose […]

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Jul 27

What Have You Achieved During COVID-19 Lockdown

Be Kind To Yourself And Stop Comparing Yourself To Others. As we’ve been living through this pandemic and as people adjust to a new normal, I’ve seen lots of people and had conversation with people who are struggling with something I’ve discussed before, the curse of comparison. Podcast episode   Some people have gone through […]

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Jun 29

Design Your Life – Create Your 10 Year Vision

What is your vision for the next 10 years? Recently we celebrated my daughters 10th birthday, it’s incredible to think how fast that time has gone. And while being reflective and reminiscing on the last 10 years, it also reminded me of some questions I ask my clients. I often ask my clients and get […]

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